Chief Elder Osiris : What Does It Take To Excite Black People To Act In Our Afrikan Interest?

Chief Elder Osiris

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Jan 3, 2002
What Does It Take To Excite Black People To Act In Our Afrikan Interest?

There Is Much More Where This Come from.

Keep Sharing The Divine Truth And Maybe, Just Maybe Somebody Black Might Hear You.

By Chief Elder Osiris

The problem with the Black Afrikans are that we no longer have priorities that call for respect of the Black life.

Black Afrikans, regardless whether we are in or out of Afrika, we love the American oppressors, America to Black Afrikans, has been made to be to Black Afrikans, paradise, and a love of paradise by the Black Afrikan, is what prevent Black Afrikans from having a Divine spiritual connection to Afrika and with each other.

So, without having such value concerning Afrika, it prevent Black people from knowing that fighting for our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation is a virtue we do not have, which is why we have no interest in what Lucifer is doing to Afrika Libya, as he lie about not having Qaddafi in their sight to eliminate, as they ignore the sovereignty of a state in Afrika.

The sovereignty of a people homeland is no more important than those people action to make it be, and right now, Afrika and its people , have not the protection of sovereignty

Is the Black Afrikan Capable Of Becoming Excited To The Level It will cause Black People to Act in Our Own Afrikan Interest?

The reason for this question is that it has been verified that Black people have no spiritual connection to Afrika, be us in or out of Afrika, and when there is a lack of Divine spiritual interaction between Black people, there can be no Spiritual action toward anything that goes on in the world, and that is not a good sign coming from a people who came to this planet with their Mind well calibrated to know the Divine truth concerning Self, the Divine Essence, and the Universe.

Afrika is under attack and you only get silence from the assigned caretakers of Mother Afrika.

Our Ancestors became the property of Lucifer the Human Being, confined in an institution call Chattel slavery and you hear nothing of a Divine Nature coming from Most Black Afrikans that serve as a sign of dissatisfaction and unrest.

Reparation is a Just verification of the hardship, Abuse, Mutilation, Rape and Murder of Our Enslaved Ancestors, and Those Descendants of those brave and honorable Ancestors get no respect for being so strong, so that we can be here at this Time.

Yet, we have no identification with Reparation which Black People show a lack of excitement to Demand payment of Reparation to our enslaved ancestors, we not realizing that such payment assure Afrika freedom and a Unity of Black Afrikans that will establish a Spiritual connection of Black Afrikans to Afrika.

I watched today, Meet The Press, and I saw satan spreading their lies and being deceiving to the people about the reason and motive for attacking in a War mode, Afrika Libya.

President Obama says that there will not be America boot soldiers on the ground in Libya, yet there is no question posed to America as to whether they would support Boots on the ground in Libya by France, Britain, and Arab soliders.

Arabs have more of a say about what goes on in Afrika than the original caretakers of Afrika does, and we seem not to have a quality of mind that will tell us when it is time to take action in order to protect what was of importance if not to us, then to our ancestors, they who were strong Black Afrika Afrikan Nationalist.

What do you think motivated Hannibal to take his warriors over the alps to make a point to the Enemy of Afrika and Black Afrikan people?

Why do you think Mene traveled to the Lower (Northern) part of Afrika for mere purpose to stress a point that Afrika is not meant to be divided, because to Divide the Black Afrikan, is to weaken the Black Nation,

So mene went with his warriors to North Afrika and United what the devil had caused to be two Land on the one continent Of Afrika, so Mene united Mother Afrika once again, that is what showing excitement and Divine interest in Afrika, and a Divine mind of respect for Black Afrikan People, our Divine Ancestors, they are the Black Afrikans who had a Spiritual connection with Afrika and with Each other.

Be Kind To Your self, Beloved

Chief Elder

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