South Africa : What do you think about whites living in South Africa?


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Jul 29, 2011
the OP is bi racial. i am sure he loves his white father.
he seems to be here to promote the white presence in south africa.

i think we need to be careful that someone can come in here with an agenda and get us to arguing among ourselves.

My sentiments exactly, James. He has a reason to desire integration at all cost, usually a high one to blacks at that. I'm with James and the others. The whites had no business in SA and have no business in SA. They should go back to where ever they hail from. Go back to their homes and leave the SA people alone.

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Feb 7, 2004
Lets do it like this; Lets suppose that you have a nice big house. I happen to walk by your house and decide that I like it too. I then come up to your door and knock on the door. When you answer the door I pull out a nice semi automatic weapon and tell you that from now on "I live here"...and that the only part of the house you can go in or control is your bedroom and maybe the basement. Being that you're scared and you don't have any weapons, you call your relatives and tell them what happened. When they come over to help you I kill them. I then proceed to live in and run your house as I see fit. In fact, I won't even let you go anywhere and so you have children in the house which is really my house due to my weapon. I then have children and let them know what the deal is so that they can deal with your children and keep control of your house.

Is there any point where you are going to teach your children what the real deal is concerning your house that I just man handled from you?....and if you teach them the truth do you think they would be wrong if they attempted to gain back control of the house that doesn't belong to me? That is the question that must be asked. Better yet, because I have been in your house for a while and had some babies, do you think that I should want to now share your house with you that I took from you as if it was mines? At what point does your house become my house all because I came in and took it from you...and would you be wrong to try and take it back by any means necessary? If you can honestly answer these questions, then you already know what should happen in South Afraka.


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Nov 16, 2011
How'bout they, the settlers, go back home. Relieve zimbabwe of economic sanctions, then may we better gauge the results.

"Back in March 2010, President Obama announced that the U.S. would be extending the sanctions against Zimbabwe. "

"President Obama extended the economic sanctions despite the 2008 power sharing agreement brokered by the Southern African Development Community (SADC). In the agreement, Robert Mugabe remains as President and opposition leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, would be Prime Minister. Since this agreement, the Zimbabwe economy has shown signs of recovery and many democratic processes have been restored. Senator Inhofe’s new legislations would repeal the ZDERA and allow the Zimbabwe economy and the people to recover."

"ZDERA, which blocked Zimbabwe’s access to loans, credits and debt relief from international financial institutions, plunged the country into an economic abyss. To bleed Zanu-PF of popular support, the United States, Britain, the European Union and other Western governments launched a propaganda offensive, blaming the ZDERA-induced economic meltdown on Zanu-PF mismanagement. At the same time, they backed the formation of a new opposition party, the MDC (Movement for Democratic Change), which brought together the settler community, trade unions and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). The MDC and its NGO partners have received generous assistance from Western governments and foundations, and have championed an agenda congruent with overseas investor rights and the interests of the settler community."
It does not seem to me that SlickBeast understands White Supremacy.

He says that it gets old "blaming White people" as if Whites have stopped infiltrating African organizations, assassinating African leaders, rigging African elections or putting global economic sanctions on African independence movements.

The ancestors have said not to judge one's neighbor for we have not that neighbor's experiences. In the same vein, DuBois' mother reproached DuBois for castigating Booker T. Our mother told him that he never beared the whip.

Mugabe beared the whip. He's not selfish, he had fought for Africa's independence from European people (what has his internet critics done?). It's Europeans who have infiltrated the movement and wanted at every turn his, and his, death.

For what it's worth, Mugabe is still alive and that's important. Because if he followed what the likes of SlickBeast recommended, and rolled over for Europeans, he'd be rolling in his grave like the Libyan President, and what would SlickBeast do? Nothing.

I say--we have not bore the whip like Mugabe has. His cronyism isn't deplorable. Loyalty is incredibly important. The man who announced Malcolm X's expulsion also promoted his execution and was also an infiltrator. That's a truth to live by!


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