South Africa : What do you think about whites living in South Africa?

Jan 22, 2001
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Family ... everyone is welcome here, whether you like what they say or not, as long as they say it respectfully.

I see this discussion going down hill fast, but it doesn't have to, for if you don't like what's in it ... leave it alone.

If you're missing their point, and they can't explain it in a way you understand ... leave it alone.

If you feel they are white, and you don't like the idea of white folk posting here ... leave it alone.

If you feel someone is a troll ... they are in fact violating rules ... report the post(s) in violation.

Calling folk names is a violation here ... troll, maggot, or anything other than their registered name.

This is a gentle caution to all ... if you don't like what's being said ... walk away from the discussion.

After all ... we have thousands more you could immerse yourself in ... that may suit you better.

No sense in one discussion getting you in trouble ... it's just not worth it ... i don't think.

But ultimately, you all will be the determiner of that ... what's worth getting in trouble for.

Love You!




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Nov 16, 2011
This is a visceral answer based on your feelings towards whites; it's not a rational response at all. Did you fail to take into consideration the millions of blacks living in Europe? There's 10 million, give or take. Should whites "push them out of their house"?

Would you want that happening to our people? I wouldnt.
Whites already do push them out of their houses. Interracial conflict is yesterday's news.


Apr 25, 2012
shabalala, you said, What irks me the most is that they don't do any effort in integrating with the general population. What's your take on all this?

Whites have never integrated with any Black nations. I'm not sure why you would expect this to change. The so called white man, has never shared power with others. I don't understand why you would expect him to do so now. It's what it is, Only the true south African can change this situation. Our opinion is only that, an opinion. It's you that has to make some thing of your situation.
South Africa is my favorite african country and I wouldnt want to see it ruined because of a race war; S.A past is bloody enough. I dont believe in kicking anybody or taking revenge because of what they did to us in the past. We ought to be better than that, not become like them. That's why im optimistic and I believe integration is the only way to move forward. I doubt anything extreme will happen.

Ive been to Cape Town twice and I loved it...awesome beaches, food is amazing, the wine is delicious (yes, they make wine down there), it's very cosmopolitan. A lot of progress has been made regarding integration. Things are not as bad as they look in the western media (african kids dying, wars, poverty and stuff like that).

Muizenberg was my favorite place to visit.
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