Black Men : What Do We Ask Or Expect Of Our Young Black Brothers?


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Aug 9, 2003
What Do Their Rites Of Passage Truly Reflect?

'Acting out' aka mere social rebellion, some becoming a part of the problem by default or them too emulating the young political activists examples of the distant or present, i. e., who don't see 'the hood' and/or its residents as it is, instead what they could make them safe places/spaces/etc. for them to live in/raise their own families in the midst of?

Personally it was the examples of the Oakland Panthers not the Bloods and Crips I was and I am inspired by...

On a real serious note, considering the violence which plagues more than the Windy City, I believe all of our takes need to be updated...



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Aug 9, 2003
This is an opportunity to speak up and out, as regards what kept you on the straight and narrow path, and/or returned you to it, if you once strayed...

You are some of the role models:

Do run down the real, and clue me to it, as well...

Thanks in advance...


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