Black People Politics : What are Jesse Jackson and his wife going to jail for? what are the charges?

Alarm Clock

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May 6, 2013
I meant Jesse Jr !!!!!!! Saw this a minute ago on FB, does anyone here have any news? All the post says is that his wife was charged with some kind of embezzelment, true or a set up like Assata? What is really going on?

Clyde C Coger Jr

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Nov 17, 2006

Yes NNQueen, good job and thanks for sharing the archives. Its takes a minute for us to realize that is our Internet Library online. Many topics have been discussed and in most instances should be updated, keeping all relevant information together. Thus making the Site more efficient, and helping with the current problem we are having with the number of Threads per poster.

Peace In Queen Sister,


Apr 7, 2013
Jesse Jackson, Jr. pleaded guilty to Campaign Fund misappropriation. He stole $750,000 from his campaign fund. He purchased (silly, insane) items such as Michael Jackson memorabilia (think his bowler hat) after he died, a cashmere fur cape costing $15-20,000, Van Halen's guitar, and of course, the famous $45,000 Rolex watch that he gave as a present to his jump-off.

His wife, Sandy, pleaded guilty to filing a false income tax report.

Alarm Clock

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May 6, 2013
Former Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. pleaded guilty early Wednesday to conspiring with his wife, Sandi Jackson, to spend $750,000 in federal campaign funds on themselves, using the money to buy everything from a $43,350 Rolex watch to a $4,600 fedora that once belonged to Michael Jackson. Sandi Jackson, a former Chicago alderman, also entered a guilty plea to one count of tax fraud connected to the same allegations. Jackson, the son of famed civil rights leader and former Democratic presidential candidate Jesse Jackson, could face years in prison. He has already resigned from Congress, after seeking psychological treatment as the investigation neared its conclusion. Leaving the courthouse, Jackson told reporters, "Tell everybody back home I'm sorry I let 'em down, OK?" Here, three takeaways the pundits see in Jackson's meteoric rise and spectacular fall:
Thank you NNQueen, like the grade school teachers used to say "I'm so late, I'm marked absent" Lawd Ha Mercy, what is with these negroes, in power??????? I thought the brother was no sell out, now the mental health ish was a cover to get sympathy or his conscious whippin his behind, into depression.

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