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Apr 7, 2013

Whose trying to nullify our vote and reconstruct society?! I just watched a fully documented expos'e, The Democrat Hydra​
A Hydra is a snake where if one head gets cut off two will take its place, etc.. So, are we willing to listen to a ten year research report? How important is Truth, really? It has to do with double dealing, national and international organization, and what has that got to do with the State Department?! It has to do with something that sounds like a fiction Marvel Villain Plot list.​
We may think we have control but if we don't know what is going on then we are like the deer who gets shot from the distraction of headlights. It begins all the way back to 2008. The shock is that this plot to overthrow the U.S. is even tied to our modern officials for Socialism.​
At one time "Liberal" began with idilic concepts of freedom to lift the everyday citizens. It began to take on a new form in the 20th century. Liberalism is now geared to establishing a frame that places the individual view into a forced harmony that minimizes conflicting views.​
In 1776 Adam Smith's The Wealth of Nations stated that prices and wealth left "free of government regulation" would be used by people for individual self interest. I think we're smart enough to handle our own money. If not, teaching consequences will happen where we'll suddenly become wiser.​
Modern Liberals are standing today for, Socialism/Communism and loss of freedom as the neo Liberals structure a framework of government policies determining huge taxes that goes to the government mainstay for enforced policies. Government reliance depends on a grab from the cash cow working class cow 70% taxes up to 50 trillion dollars goal. Elizabeth Warren, Bernie and all candidates with high end promises beyond what we can afford now. It would require state ownership of the means to production, a 70% revenue collection income distribution, allocation of resources administered by a government agency, sale of fixed assets = confiscation, government borrowing from the public, usually the cap on borrowing is raised.​
Fabian Socialism is being used, the method and long standing plan for the take over. This is the plan of patience and gradualism. This adds up with President Gorbachov's statement that he would feed us Communism by teaspoons.​
What is the end goal? The One World Government. The New Democratic World Society.​
How deeply is this going on at this time? There are those in the State Department involved in planned Socialism. We can see some of the results at this time. Media leaving out full story on Republican side. CIA planned to take down Trump since day one opposition to over half the Electoral College vote. U.S. trained activists when there is an opportunity to support the opposition in order to start a revolution and chaos and the worst -- to rewrite the Constitution. Watch for that.​
State Department was shown to be fomenting revolution and chaos in country after country, after country. Also the State Department paid for radical pamphlets, distributing it free. Remember, internationally One World Government.​
Why didn't Hillary, "Secretary of State" Send help to our Embassy? Fomenting chaos to strike at the underpinnings of our nation. Even Global Socialists would be found in our U.N..​
Now let's look at the impeachment with no real evidence. Chaos. Divides country deeper.​

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