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Apr 7, 2013
Henry Giroux, "Reducing power of police ... Let's put Social workers in control instead." You know what Social Workers mean? Like going to the motor vehicle department, having to wait hours for your alphabet and number window to be called.

"Defund Police" or rather Defy Police cost the life of a 19 year old boy. I don't care if he is over 18 a supposed adult. I look at it from a mother's point of view and when the father was on TV with tears streaming down his face, a large, strong man, sobbing because he couldn't tell his boy he loved him anymore. You know why his boy died? Because he had been shot in the Defund Police riot and was living, but the "Defund the Police" movement there wouldn't let the police through with medics to save his life even though they said over a megaphone it was an emergency to save a life. The father begs to know why?

Giroux "Violence is just poor people stealing a TV from a store." And ... burning that store and others along the way inside and out.

Might I bring thought to his condoning burning down stores and looting? Is there no government check for the poor? ticket given for a well stocked refrigerator and cupboards, and a little job approved to subsidize that check as a plan for the very poor without subtracting money from the welfare check? One man told me about welfare money, "As long as they are going to give it to me, I'm going to take it." In this case he was able bodied.

A question that was asked, "What country in the world would you rather be poor in? Another idea with this conversation, "If I wasn't such a germaphobe, I'd hang out behind a fast food and retrieve all the food thrown away. Then she smiled, "but then I can always use the microwave to heat it all up which would obliterate the germs." I decided if I was poor and couldn't get a job I would sell apples or pencils in front of an office building. I would have gagging visions of slobbery bites taken from the dumpster burger. No thanks.

Giroux had for his speech, a burgeoning flood of doom, gloom, wretched loss, and final annihilation of this planet.

You know me I listened to ANTIFA anti-fascists, which concluded with me learning THEY are the militaristic Fascists.

Everything Giroux had to say would result in a great downfall of this nation. Do you know what this nation is? You and me. People make a nation. It isn't even a government that makes a nation as long is there is a ballot box. We vote. We run the wheels of this nation as long as we don't buy into Henry Giroux types.


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Jun 14, 2018
"The primary civic obligation of U.S. citizens today is not to vote or pay taxes.................................... No, the primary obligation of citizenship is to spend."
"Ours is not a nation of mystics, philosophers, poets, artisans, or Thomas Jefferson’s yeomen farmers. We are now a nation of citizen-consumers, held in thrall to the extreme materialism that Dr. King decried. This, not a commitment to liberty or democracy, has become our true national signature and our chief contribution to late modernity." end quote

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