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Apr 7, 2013
I have have seen in America voters who don't vote a party line absolute, they will vote for the man they like the best, for what individuals believe that man will bring to his presidency, what America is needing the most at the time. Then comes the cross over votes. There were cross over votes that took Obama to his presidency like surfers on a thirty foot wave to the shore.

But now, Schumer was seen in a crazy rant, not making sense, just going off like a bottle rocket. Obviously he hates Trump, okay, fine, but recently it wasn't a clear matter of facts. We want clear facts. This was last week or so I saw him shouting at the lectern (his head was facing down) as if he was absorbed in a temper seizure, not making sense in a personal tirade about Trump. I said out loud, "Has he gone crazy?!" I was convinced he had. It brought me to the edge of my seat. I was waiting for someone to come and get him.

Next, at the State of the Union speech the camera was moving in on people, including Dems and there was Schumer, head down in a scowl but eyes looking up. Try that in the mirror, drop your head scowling , but look up with your eyes. It looks like the Devil. He was described on a talk show of looking just like the Penguin on Batman. Bad attitude!

Now lets move to Pelosie. She spent the evening pursing her lips from one side of her mouth to the other, licking her teeth without opening her mouth. This is what the world was seeing, an acidy countenance that would scare Hansel and Gretel out of the woods.

The point here: This is suppose to be our American governing body, Republicans and Democrats in a free Democratic government of the people, by the people for the people. Instead, Schumer and Pelosi and those democrats that follow them have turned that party into an obstructionist tribe.

Proof: Trump said he is going to lower the cost of our medicine and lab procedures. Republicans applauded. Democrats sat on their hands. Why is that? Because they want our medicines and labs expensive?

Trump said he is giving a twelve year path to citizenship for 700,000 DACA immigrants and expanding that to 1.5 million for other immigrants as well. All he wants is an appropriation for the border for which over half of the citizens here voted for, and the border patrol want, to stop some of the drug trafficking, sex trafficking of little kids as young as 11 months, little girls, boys, and young women, being paid for by the age like a cattle round up. Also to keep the Mexican criminal element out along with those from other countries who come through Mexico. Some of that from around the world and a lot of it coming from deeper South America, much of it through Mexico.

Democrats sat on their hands. Why because they want all that stuff going through, and they like the idea of a shootout with our border patrol instead of a fence for a better prevention? I met a lady who said she had a son down there, and the border patrol dearly want that fence.

There is more, but this example should give us an idea of the now state of our tribal government.


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Apr 7, 2013
I've been watching Glenn Beck a Libertarian and he has a segment called The Vault on his program. He's been collecting Black History-- that is not being reported. He has obtained many artifacts of posters, letters, documents that describe and show what was going on in those days.

For instance: Democrats have not been for Black people. Who founded the Dem National Convention and Democrat Party? Two people Nathan Bedford Forest and one other name I didn't get written. The point being they were both K.K.K. The South has a moto in the past and even a thread of it today as being "Solid Democrat." So what? Well, this is what hasn't been taught in schools or known so much today that the reason they were so solid is because they had an episode of lynching Republicans. So what you say? Well because in 1868 Black citizens were Republican and with good reason. So Black and White were getting lynched and skinned. The document gave a number of over 2300 Black Republicans and over 1700 White Republicans killed in that gruesome number. It wasn't about race it was about party. Aren't you glad Lincoln went to war? Democrats stood on the corner and demonstrated against him.

The first House Black members were all Republican. First Black member to preside over the House of Representatives was a Republican. Black citizens were historically Republican. In the mix of 1891 Congressmen 13.4 had been slaves, all Republican.

In the 1970s the U.S. Supreme Court had to make the Democrat South let Black candidates run and be elected.

That statistic seems to have changed from the opinion of Black history to Democrat. Republicans are fair Constitutional Law and business. Democrats have been described as promising lots. Yet it is the Republican President almost half the country loves to hate, who is bringing employers back to the states, made our tax forms easier, and brought taxes down which will show up in our checks.

We have had such an economical boom that the market has had to reset itself by algorithms to solve the problem of facing inflation.


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Jan 20, 2015



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Feb 15, 2018
Like you Willa "Most" Black people in America has not only realized that there really is no two party system. All their across the isle bluff and bluster is a front to make us believe one group is the peace loving dove and the other group are war hawks. If your affiliation is Republican, that's your right, just the same if your affiliation is Democrat. Our elders died for all Blacks in America to vote their conscience.

Stick to your guns.
You are absolutely right and most don't believe nor want to see this. There is a pattern of similarity across dem and rep that has been present for decades. People refuse to be objective about matters and choose preference over blinding truth. I agree, they died so we could choose what to do with our votes.
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