Brother AACOOLDRE : Were the ancient Phoenicians Black?


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Jul 26, 2001

By Andre Austin

The ancient Phoenicians were best known for transmitting the ancient Egyptian writing system and giving it as a gift to the Greeks with helped them with their reciprocal business transactions. Due to this civilizing feat modern historians attempt to white wash the Phoenician blackness.

Two poems from white Greeks, Aeschylus & Euripides confirms the Blackness of the Phoenicians:

A. Aeschylus in his Prometheus Bound says: says that the Title for Zeus (Amen) is “Ethiop”. Zeus (Amen) & Io (Isis) gives birth to “Black Epaphus, who shall till the wide lands watered by the spacious Nile”.

B. Euripides in The Phoenician Women claims:

“I invoke you, Epaphos

Offspring long ago of our ancestor

Io (Isis) and offspring of Zeus (Amen)

C. After reading Aeschylus plays, The Greek father of history Herodotus stated: “The Egyptian say Apollo & Artemis are the children of Isis …In Egypt Apollo is Horus, Demeter is Isis, Artemis is Bubastis. It was from this tradition that Aeschylus borrowed the idea” (Book 2:156). People shouldn’t be surprised with this because earlier Herodotus states that “The names of nearly all the gods came to Greece from Egypt”. This would then have a profound influence on Christianity souring the vast library of Alexandria in Egypt to get a rehash of all the mythos.

Martin Bernal in his Black Athena writes back, gives a competitive plausibility for an “Egyptian etymology for the name Epaphos” p.95. Epaphos may have inspired the Cyprians to name their city Paphos, Cyprus in honor of the wave-washed foam shrine to Isis (Venus) birth as a fully- grown woman from the sea of a castrated penis thrown/tossed in. After St Paul’s castration he visited this city (Acts 13: 1-12) and used similar language to describe a tossed castrated penis in the waves of his own apparent sexual abuse ( Ephesians 4: 14). The term “tossed salad” is now and was then euphemism for sexually abuse and or sodomy.

The Bible ended up indirectly being named from the papyrus stalks from which the Egyptians used for writing. And the gift just keeps on giving from Egypt-through the Phoenicians, who were black.


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Jul 26, 2001
HOW EGYPT INVENTED WRITING & The ALPHABET: The relationship with the Bible.

By Andre Austin

Roman historian Tacitus (55-117AD) writes in his famous The Annals:

“It was the Egyptians who first symbolized ideas. These records, the most ancient of all human history, are still seen engraved on stone. The Egyptians also claim to have invented the alphabet, which the Phoenicians, they say, by means of their superior seamanship, introduced into Greece, and of which they appropriated the glory, giving out that they had discovered what they had really been taught” (The Annals XI:14).

The Greek historian Herodotus reports:

The Phoenicians introduced writing to the Greeks. “At first they used the same characters as all the other Phoenicians, but as time went on, and they changed their Language, they also changed the shape of their letters…they were taught these letters by the Phoenicians” (The Histories Book 5:58).

The Phoenicians were once a colony of Egypt and they adopted their religion after them. “The Phoenicians give prominence of a place to a god “Taut” who is none other than the Egyptian god of writing Thoth” (Egypt, Canaan , and Israel in Ancient Time By Redford p.40).

The Phoenicians exported papyrus from Egypt to their capital city Byblos, so when the Greeks first saw papyrus scrolls they called them biblia, ‘Byblos Things’, giving us the word Bible.

Black people have a lot to be proud of we just have to pick up the books and dig it all out. or

Darnell dates at 3300BC vs Mesopotamia at 3000BC

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