Black Travel : WEll Known Serial Stowaway Embarrasses The TSA And The Airline Industry Once Again

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Oct 1, 2017
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Well known ancient, decrepit, toothless, ugly as sin mentally unstable White serial Federal offender Marilyn "The Nag" Hartman puts lives of paying passengers and airline crews at risk for the 10th time.

Don't you just adore these Caucasian human interest stories about the hijinks elderly White folk do? Kinda makes Blacks all warm and fuzzy inside when reading real life comics. What makes me even warmer and fuzzier are them more caring White folk who actually want to throw money at this certifiable cretin so she doesn't have to suffer the humiliation of arrest or worst death if she were Black by having a crate of first class open ended tickets to anywhere on Earth complete with built in frequent flyer miles.




Serial stowaway arrested_11182595_1453782257033_650476_ver1.0_640_360.jpg


The sentencing for this crusty old hens latest slew of Federal aviation related offenses garnered her to be remanded to her nursing home with a GPS ankle bracelet. Isn't White Amerikkka great?

Can anybody spell "No Fly" List?

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