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Dec 18, 2014
Thank you for sharing this information but what good will it do? When weave first appeared on the scene back in
the early 90's, I was sure it was nothing more than a short term fad. But man was I wrong it took Black American
women by storm. It's at the point that many of our ladies depend it so much they can't began to imagine their lives
without weave hanging down from their scalps.
What you did, posting helpful advice and warnings about how weave can lead to scalp complications is thoughtful
but I think many of our sisters will just laugh it off and say well "I will just take my chances I ain't giving up my weave"

That weave it's has spread around the world, women in African countries are wearing it at addiction levels just like we do here in America.
Even with the hazards it presents to women's overall scalp and hair health it is here to stay.

America America look at what your grace did to me
You got me sporting long Korean weave
from sea to shining sea.:nono:


going above and beyond
Feb 9, 2001
:eek:'s NOT that deep!!

Glam and extra oommf!?! What the heck is that??? :eek1:

Sisters, calm down, it's okay, you can save yourselves from the hype. I know you want variety; something that you believe will make you beautiful or more beautiful, but let's keep it it worth it in the long run...the damage and suffering you're willing to suffer through?

STOP IT! Black women can rock short natural cuts AND bald heads...because we have attractive shapes to our heads. Don't believe me, check it out ...

And if you still don't believe me, listen to Willie, he's trying to tell you from a Black man's perspective...


Damaris Sheldon

Jun 27, 2016
Crazy stuff, when I was a sophomore in high school I wanted to cut all my hair off & sport a really smooth hair free noggin like Amber Rose, my mom was so upset she couldn't stop crying & called my dad home from work while I had already proceeded to cut my bangs off, he stormed into my room like Hurricane Katrina & told me that the only way my head would be bald is if I were taking chemotherapy & since that's not the case if I cut one more strand of hair I would really need chemotherapy by the time he finished with me. We didn't speak to each other for almost two weeks, one of my older cousins sat me down & explained to me that my dad loves me very much & has sacrificed so much in life to care for me & that I should appreciate & respect his feelings & wishes a lot more then I do, so ladies relish the freedom you have to choose how you want to wear your tresses or add weave, extensions, a wig or sport a baldy bean. If others don't like it show them the door.


going above and beyond
Feb 9, 2001
I hear you Damaris and find it unfortunate that your parents frown upon you cutting your hair or allowing you, an adult, to express your free will, however, there's a big difference between cutting your hair and wearing weave to the extent that it causes major health issues or is so addictive that it becomes your normal and you couldn't possibly consider being seen without it. Weaves have become pathological for Black women who are unable to separate themselves from someone else's hair--100% human or synthetic. This is more than just about a fashion statement. This is another prime example of the effects of white supremacy, which is how self-hate is destructive. It is how Black women view themselves with a false sense of reality. And someone else mentioned, can't recall who, but what happens when you're with your significant other and it's time to remove the weave and show your natural self? Or what happens when your babies hair is very different than your weave? What happens when you're raising your children who are accustomed to seeing you in weave 24/7 and don't think you're as beautiful when they see you without it because that's the message you're sending to them about how you feel about yourself?

I really hope that there will come a time when you become your own person and feel confident to do what you choose, regardless of what your parents want you to do. After all, that's a part of growing up, maturing. But, please understand, the fact that we are seeing more Black women wearing weaves and wigs now than ever before, and not their natural hair, is problematic, in my opinion. The fact that the "beauty" industry is convincing these women to part with and exorbitant amount of money to get these weaves and selling them as "protective" styles is crazy.

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