Black Poetry : We all here like PAUL REVERE he rode ponies and now we hold // A load of ceremonies in celebration f


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May 11, 2006

We all here like PAUL REVERE he rode ponies and now we hold //
A load of ceremonies in celebration for the devastation of the bold //
DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE, it is world known that we hurl //
a strong US FLAG and oh yes we brag about its success in the world //
AMERICA was born 4 July 1776, and THOMAS JEFFERSON played //
A part, the war was disaster and misery but after the victory it made //
Sense that they pop the top on some wine it was fun time many days //
Went by in a bloody war against ENGLAND, but then they were the 13 //
ORIGINAL COLONIES an alert team with no apologies to give, it seem //
There freedom was first and foremost hardcore as a host soldiers ready //
To fight for the Declaration of Independence, so let's throw up the confetti //
through the mud and dust they fought for the love of us so we may be free //
Of ENGLAND's tax laws,deft in mind ENGLAND rules were left behind, see //
What unity bring in a community that clings to justice and fairness it’s clear //
colonies didn’t seem to fear while listening with a keen ear wanted sincere //
Taxation from ENGLAND, colonies in bitter defeat ENGLAND should consider //
And treat them better they were clever had religious beliefs never quitter //
Needed plans great and a candidate from a political party wow no twitter //
Back then so there were a whack spin on things for the colonies no sense //
Of direction no intense affection for GREAT BRITAIN they were convinced //
They would rule the land but the cool plan of THOMAS JEFFERSON changed //
that the freedom road major along with a code of behavior nothing strange //
About that, the thirteen colonies rename and became the UNITED STATES //
OF AMERICA birth of a nation worth celebration so now we light the great //
Blue sky every FOURTH OF JULY with fireworks and girls desire to flirt cake //
On that day, so time flew by in VIRGINIA BEACH at SEARS TOWN see a girl //
true and fly some new pie no fears around skin sincere and brown her world //
Is filled with kisses thrilled by wishes a dill pickle squishes in her purse //
wet romances through a set of circumstances with her hot gravy she nurse //
and adopt a baby this Virginia Beach HIPHOP is crazy, love make it worse //
must reverse this feeling and start healing her lace is silk wanna taste her //
milk wanna embrace her built waist,body so soft and sweet 4th of July party //
across the street a good time place, bet she eat a phat Hershey be smartly //
at the mercy of chocolate INDEPENDENCE BOULEVARD out front, breasts fly //
wanna test the pie and BEST BUY is up the way need luck today jest to try //
and score, MT TRASHMORE is a VIRGINIA BEACH PARK and there class soar //
today a firework display it require work and a desire to flirt display cake //
boys lay wait,attack with words a kiss alarm annoys in the arm of boys take //
effort to escape But she let none get it doe, her breasts milky dress silky //
impress and guilty, daydreaming a lot my body stay steaming and hot filthy //
with thought's gleaming like a spotlight so my plot is right Hot and bright,//
harmony and romance is like an army’s advance it a plots for the right //
Course, girl your breasts on the carpet, and next door is the FRESH MARKET //
her stuff on target the be hit, mess so soft I bet she takes her dress off when
home alone with boyfriend he jest rest His head on her thighs so sweaty,
ready his name Eddie “boo let’s go lie down? Her pie so brown try mess
around now HIP HOP has such a nice sound, love throughout is true no doubt
nothing is plumb whack and NORDSTROM TRACK is to the right side good
town She desire to flirt but the fireworks under her skirt may explode her wet
Cake be hot a lot I want some, her boyfriend kiss her lips right there in house



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May 11, 2006
Cake be hot a lot I want some, her boyfriend kiss her lips right there in house
his kisses having an adverse effect she thirst to protect her thing //
lost and wild so revealing bought a hostile feeling as he wore bling //
he wanna go down kiss her sandwich leave her at a disadvantage, express //
and approve sex and her breasts smooth hope she undress so he can bless //
her body with a kiss, oh she's so hot down there skin brown and aware //
mess around and share love, it's Fourth of July some fireworks is about //
to jump off he wanna pump her soft cream puff, scream extreme then shout //
hard to see through this but agree to kiss this be brisk he jest got her //
tongue on the sofa it was over he asked her for some, love will occur //
aw girl your pie is phat and I'll ratify that my stats fly like a bat //
with leather wings wear clever bling but never king wear Stetson hat //
wet sex on his brain so let me explain and make this here clear which //
is my mere imagination sincere fragmentation when ideas in my head switch //
"SO OK BOO you go to HAIR BEAUTY SUPPLY for three days and see ways to fit //
a pony tail you legit not a phony female, don't be alarm when I put my arms //
around your waist go downtown to taste your lace on a renown pace with charms //
to do just that, the ghetto looking WENDY is up the street on the left BARNS //
sweaty and ready my drop top sparkling a lot in the parking lot, hurl true //
kisses at your lips boo


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May 11, 2006
sweaty and ready my drop top sparkling a lot in the parking lot, hurl true //
kisses at your lips boo, hot spree like SHOCK G the DIGITAL UNDERGROUND some political thunder around this I'm aware that if you kiss me there I'll "kiss You Back, I remember the song "Dilemma" by NELLY AND KELLY ROWLAND in a phat mood with attitude and get at dudes that step to this but may need help wit this kiss doe, have an impact with fact before I act soar with my back against the wall make no sense yall ready to take a strong chill pill sometime and at the club spill wine and will find a chick ASAP have a mind to click an app for dating service creating a nervous situation, physical and romantic like DIGEBLE PLANET a "Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like That)" I'm an odd guy with fame but have to modify my game and girl your bod got fly flame I need pie to maintain this going at this rate only a kiss and some cake can slow me down, my plan storm and transform into love talk, now this is BLACK HIP HOP in VIRGINIA BEACH now in a hummer that's how I spend the summer but we begin with your cell number, NAW PLAYER I fear some because my eardrums heard love words and now seeing tweedy birds got water on the brain so in order to explain this I came with a wrist watch that go tick tock so it's time to leave this place oh please don't squeeze my waist just to taste my lace it's a waste of time oh he jest kiss my lips and got some tongue right there in sears, at the dinner table thing be smoking love talk able to be spoken boys eat bagels hoping to hit the skins and put a legit spin on my affairs in the wind my hair blow, oh gosh this boy really want some in VIRGINIA BEACH oceans occurred and emotions stirred certain potion I preferred got grape juice in my cup and it produce a result you have an eager desire for love leisure require a club, a boy can dwell at home and be well known try choke the garbage and stay in the scope knowledge you got sex on the brain and can't explain or make clear there's cake in here, guide with love can't hide in the club got the pride of a thug when we collide we hug then jump in the drop top and ride on dubs, I'm a queen flirting today seen in a certain way extreme twerking to say I'm fine and be on boys mind


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May 11, 2006
could never praise these clever days and this boy forever at my // mayonnaise it's an endeavor that blazes my sexual history a mystery try //
be in it and shook like the appendix to a book,last pages tell the content" //
"GOT A CREW of strife that's true in life but boo it's nice to kiss your //
lips in my whip and hips soft like AARON NEBBLES Telling it Like it is soar //
with truth," IN THE CAR I'm rearranging my laces like CHANGING FACES think //
you Foolin Around" "LOOK I'm EVALUATING MY TEAM with a modern calculating //
machine so I add and subtracts come with mad facts and it's bad to do crack //
it sad not to act like we not boyfriend and girlfriend and the world spin //
around us, shower with quotes and like powerboats this stuff float in //
water, wanna squeeze you girl while you tease out the curls in your hairstyle //
a brisk kiss and this affair is wild," oh he jest kissed her lips a while //
rubbed her black sweaty thighs "girl you got some softy sweaty thighs need //
a girlfriend," not a wimp his flow spoke in an attempt to provoke her read //
the writing on the wall it's exciting and all, thirsty pass the soda not //
a Casanova, desire love and this require a hug he cry out want pie no doubt this is jest BLACK HIPHOP in HARRIS TEETER'S parking lot this is INDIAN RIVER CROSSING it's all about the Benjamin's and tossing panties like birds his luck flies her skirt up her thighs oh he jest kiss her lips and reminisce in the whip, he said"in need of love then we can proceed to the club girl your thing so black and exact now girl its our luck we in a drop top but the top is locked down in shock head going around and around like a spinning top, to flow it exact is an heroic act words glow legit wit fact girl you have a chocolate Kit Kat and I have a rocket for that" "SHE SAID oh my panties are soaked you want candies but nope my emotions stirred oceans occurred and lotions preferred on my legs and boys beg a lot I pledge not to give it up even though my thigh spread got flavor like rye bread I try head for home but now trapped my thighs gapped oh he tries to rap up on some now he gives me a VIRGINIA BEACH PUDDING KISS he couldn't miss my lips they were jest there impressed and aware couldn't go anywhere grab his thumb so he couldn't have none he has fact, class, and very fly and wanted to smash my black cherry pie oh a BLACK SOUL SISTA go through a lot in VIRGINIA BEACH oh he reach for the panties

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