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May 17, 2014
I am an attractive black woman currently trying like hell to move out of San Antonio, TX. White and Mexican people, including police will try and sabotage you and stop you from leaving, I swear to God, they will try and trap who they want to keep. You first have to think of who you are dealing with, they are the same people who had the audacity to go to another race's continent, put him in chains and bring him to America to work in his cotton fields. They are the same people and Mexicans are not too far behind in their lowness, they are very willing to help. I am trying to arrange things to leave and they are literally sabotaging the arrangments I'm trying to make and they have been doing this awhile. I swear to you, they have been getting males to try and direct my eyes to their nether regions and insinuate things of a private nature that has had nothing to do with them. I swear, I have never slept with a Mexican or a white guy and yet they somehow feel like its ok and they're in a way trying to leave me no other options by blocking left and right. I again swear to you, I'm not making this up. If you are an attractive black woman (even male), and/or talented, nice personality and you are someone a male of another race may potentially want or be attracted to in some way, as crazy as it sounds, do not, and I repeat do not, come around majority whites and Mexicans, try to even avoid only 20% black populations if you can. They have set up a system where even the police are helping trap and direct people's lives a certain way, especially women they want as sick as this sounds, its true. They will say anything they need to say to justify why they're talking about you (blocking you) from who and what you want (saying you're promiscuious, unhygenic, whatever they have to say to keep who you want away from you, so their filth can be all thats left). This is very real and very serious. They will smile in your face and pretend like they're super nice and be straight devils behind your back and be proud of it, to them, they feel like it makes them cool, being mean spirited and manipulative, I think its what they do to try and distract from the fact that there's usually not a lot there after you get past the materialism. We are not the same people although I can see some of it rubbing off on black people. Blacks now more than ever have to help protect each other. Whites are using technology to do some crazy things with little regret and the Mexicans are happily helping especially against black people. Literally hide your daughters from the sight of other races, they still have no problem seeing them as bedwarmers to conquer and do not care how intelligent they are, they like to disrespect people in obscure deniable yet blatant ways. That 20 year old white guy probably did sleep with 13 yr old Willow Smith on purpose and will leave her afterwards just to disrespect Will. They honestly do that type of thing and he will probably not get arrested if it comes out, you know thats what they're doing now. There is something wrong with them. Something that they haven't pointed out and we're not smart enough to know we need to figure out. We know most of them lack soul and rythm and thats apparent when they sing and dance, they can't deny we're different in that way however there is something else they are missing besides soul and rythm and I think its a type of joy. I think they have the most voids - like there's something missing. When I was growing up, when you heard someone committed suicide, you knew it was a white person, despite the fact they had the most financially, they were still missing something that made them truly happy, they like to call it a "void" in their heart. A lot of white people have tried to fill that void by making others miserable, misery loves company. That is unfortunately too often how a lot of them make themselves happier, if they're not happy, they don't want to see you happy either. Some black comedians like to point that out "white folks can't stand to see black people happy". ........... Nowadays, they can link up a lot easier and hide behind computers and cells making their terrorism of people a lot easier on their conscience and life. There has definitely been a growth in blatant and questionable racism and they are using these systems they've set up through technology to aid them in their new age way of making us miserable, wanting to make us as suicidal as once they were only known to be. This is very real. You can look at the news and see a lot of it going on and unfortunately there's a lot more not reported. They have gotten so confident in what they've set up they are going after your prom queens and valevictorians. They're retraining themselves to see potential high quality bedwarmers and not who our daughters really are (wives and intelligent respectable women). They don't have much remorse about it and their conscience is eased because they feel not many people know whats really going on and the way they're doing it, its hard to prove. Don't want to make this too long however to sum it up, if you can, try and stay around better type black people. Whites and even hispanics are again seeing us (blacks) less and less the way we really are because they feel they can do that and it makes them feel superior. Police will (and/or assist) in hacking computers, phones and letting pervs and low lifes enjoy themselves, it is getting like in the times of the civil rights movement where they were sicing dogs on you and watching bad things happen and not doing anything about it, especially where they're in majority so I say again, trying to give you the warning I did not have and am now fighting to live my life as a decent, respectable citizen living up to my potential and not the lower class things they're manipulating to try and shape for me. Help and protect your daughters and sisters, your brothers. Either you're going to stick together or have your sister who made As and Bs in school the booty call for some Mexican lawnmower man whose gonna laugh about it with police about how they got her there and how black men ain't sh-- (don't protect their women). I am living it, doing everything I can to avoid the path these sickos are trying to create and lay out for me. Its like, they fool you into believing they believe we are all the same and when they have who they like and want, they trap and manipulate their life to try and make sure they get from you what they want which is usually not good and decent however they'll put a good spin on it to justify the sick things they are trying to do. Again, black people stick together and help each other, we're not getting much help from other people out here only hinderances and this is increasing; even if you run into people who may not want to see you fall, unfortunately, they tend to be the ones who want to keep the focus on you so it will not turn on them. Stay in black cities and towns and work on trying to bring the economics up in your community. Try and stay where theres a large population of blacks. Whites and Mexicans are teaming up together against us out here in some systems they're setting up, you'll look up and wonder what happened, why they're doing it and not quite understand why they went so far. We're not the same people, we say "its not that serious", they want to be taken very seriously and be seen as the top in situations we know aren't that serious however its important to them and they're willing to do a lot of psychotic things to be looked at in a certain way. They don't want to be outdone by Tyrone's swag so they'll do some psychotic stuff to stand out and be noticed, be seen as superior to Tyrone's natural way of getting the attention from who he wants attention from. I am working against these people just to be able to try and live my life on a higher level. I can't give you the safe route however I can tell you what is out here and what I've unfortunately stumbled upon during my journey. They will team up against you and enjoy it and will usually have no real reason to do it, just out of what I call "spiritual filth". Actually I think thats what they're also lacking, a type of higher spiritual "being", part of what makes black people cool. I'm going to go ahead and leave it here. Women, men, try not to come out here by yourselves. Try and stay amongst higher natured AAs, in church, school, and if possible work. Try and make a life amongst each other where you don't have people seeing you as something that should be brought down underneath them no matter how talented you are. I'll continue to fight to get from amongst them and their strongholds, get out of San Antonio though they try and stop me.

Jan 22, 2001
betwixt and between
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uhhh ... you've come to the wrong place ... 'cause mexicans and whites are problee here too

with this in mind ... i'll aide your freedom from them ... and ban you from here

i wish you well on your journey of escape ... this thread is closed


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