Black Spirituality Religion : Warning Family

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We become that which we repeatedly do..
Jun 24, 2015
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Sign of the Times

The Higher vibrations are pulsating much stronger now. It’s of no consequence whether we are inclined to higher consciousness or lower consciousness, because whatever is built into who we are as a person, which is the entirety of this life and past lives, is being amplified to whatever we are predisposed to. However, we don’t have to be victims but we do need to take charge of our own ship and be the captain of our souls. Most people tend to just float like leaves on the stream letting the ripples toss them about because they haven’t yet figured out that they’re the ones ultimately responsible. Let us not relinquish our responsibility to be conscious Beings in charge of our own souls.

Love, Peace!
Absolutely Soulosophy, it is a sign of the times and the different levels of immature and matured consciousness. Out of the darkness and into the light..Peace and Blessings
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