Warning Family - There's A Snake in the Garden


Jan 22, 2001
betwixt and between
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Hello Family,

Whew! We're growing so fast, getting so many new people, so many new posts, new poetry, new opportunities to encourage and embrace each other. God is Good.

Of course, as our garden grows, so too does the chance for snakes, rats, and all kinds of blood sucking animals to come in and feast on what God has allowed to thrive here.

Well, it seems that is happening to us now. There was a Member that had several different screen names (all of which have been banned, including his IP address), that was posting all this foolishness about helping you to improve on your poetry, as though what God has given is not sufficient.

He is also suggesting that i am only providing this home so that i can use you by building this black poetry pool using your words ... i guess so i can make money from your words ... sell out or something ... when the truth is i've never made a dime ... actually spending more than i can afford ... my own money ... to keep this community here for us ... the fact of the matter is ... i do all i can to protect your words, as though they were my own ... he is a liar.

He suggests that instead of posting here with us, that you send your words to him and he will give you 50% of any money he makes off of them.

We've never had anything like this happen before. I suppose the fruit needed to be ripe for the picking before such a thing could occur and we have certainly planted the seeds, watered, tended and cared for them ... we ... all of us ... each and every one of us ... so someone could pass by and marvel at the beauty of our garden and ... think he'd just slither in and pick nice, juicy, ripe fruit straight from the vine ... he's a liar.

Well, like i said, he's been banned but he made about 6 different names (all spewing ugliness, different personalities, the whole nine), so there's no reason to believe he won't try to come back and pick up where he left off ... head #7.

This note is to warn you all to be careful. If he loved and cared about you, he'd have a forum (or something to show) where he'd spent his own money, long hours cultivating the soil, so that our people would have rich earth in which to plant their poetry. Instead, he comes here, where i have done these things to suggest that i have motives other than loving you all ... saying he loves you more. What was it that the snake offered Eve?

Please be careful.

If you happen to see him back on the forum, you'll recognize him immediately ... he's his father's child ... please click on the "Warn" link at the top of any post that looks suspicious, or PM any one of the Forum Moderators with the information and we'll cut its head off again.

Much Love and Peace.



ps ... now that it has been banned, it's emailing those of you it was able to get an address for. The forum does not provide email addresses, so if it has yours it's because you responded to one of its solicitations (which then gave it your email address).


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
I knew i should have slap da clamps awhile back i saw it coming
i'll be looking for such more closer now because we are growing
daily faster then ever and indeed so is the snakes/rats/haters
they seeking a prey but i will promise u
they will be stop in their trackz
word from above.......................$R


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Apr 10, 2003
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Thanks for keeping us informed Destee, I will make sure to watch out for him or it, and we love you too. (yeah I caught that) :):):)
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