Black Poetry : Warning As We Rise


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Dec 27, 2003
Lawton, OK
working for Paradise (Jannah)
Take this as a sign and warning
Get your dam foot off my neck
i'm being good to you this morning
Letting you know i intend to collect
Everything that's due me
Everything i'm owed
Yeah you tried to screw me
Keep me for reaping what i've sowed
It's just a time thang
If you'd been wise you'd have know it
Then you wouldn't have had to get your bell rang
Nor would you have had to get lit
i still have mercy on your soul
For the good you were created to perform
As i rise and inherit my role
i extend to you refuge from harm
Your original chance to do right
Is ever in front of your face
Even though you failed and inherited your present plight
You still have a chance to erase
Your deceitful thieving ways
Maybe you will or maybe you won't
Check out closely what it is your Master says
This will determine what you do or you don't
This is your last chance to get off me on your own
To see that the tide has changed
Your spell over the planet is gone
Everything has been totally rearranged
This aint no "I have a Dream" speech
Nor singing of "We Shall Overcome"
That dream is already well within reach
We're already rising and coming on home.



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Jan 24, 2004
Brick City
day care provider (own business)
Homeward bound...stretch out your arms...cause here we come. We been away from home far too long, we're home-sick and out of bounds.
I hear you rasheed and feeling every word...good piece.

Zen Master_1

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Nov 12, 2003
Corvallis Oregon
Wake up call

rasheed, It is really sad for they do not see it and most people are tired of the abuses and you are right a change is forthcoming and it won't be fun!

Zen Master

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