Liberia : war in liberia


2 weeks ago I was watching this documentary on TV it was about Liberia and the situation over there. It was titled storyville: Liberia and it was very disturbing the people are killing each other u got 7 to 10 year old child soilders with aks I was surprised how the media ignores us Afrikans.these Liberian people call the Americans big brother (cuz Liberia is a country founded by freed American slaves and existing africans.) And they expected helpfrom BIG BROTHER but the help came from fellow African brothers noting from Americans. I mean I am African and violence is mostly a common thing back home but nobody can ignore this amount of violence and bloodshed all because of a sick-minded selfish government.
There are pictures< I think you will understand more if you look at them
Very disturbing!!! photo negatives/2003 news phot negatives/July/DAW030730-4.JPG photo negatives/2003 news phot negatives/July/DAW030728-1.JPG