Black Money Business Jobs : Walterboro's two hotels for sale


Nefertum Husia Shayheh
Aug 10, 2013
Planning away to apply is my specialty and once applied it goes. I could upgrade the carpet floors to hardwood black cherry then carpet the walls elegantly. Replace the standard shower and tub unit for asian claw tubs and more economical toilets. Replace the old mattresses or standard ones with buckwheat shells fore the optmium relaxation and health plus medicinal benefits to include the pillows. Sheeting must be satin, silk or egyptian cotton to include pillow cases.

Of course the building structure has to be checked out inside and out. I would construct a kitchen where the nu queen positioned as a culinary artist provides food and drinks twenty four seven directly to her by text or phone call maybe leave a message and she will cook fore you type of deal. She would prepare meals based on her spirituality paralleling the weathers outside. There will be security though not a badge and gun type deal but more along the lines of martial artists and militant minded folks combined. I would buy land to provide fresh foods or the corp would when we vote on the specific acreage.

I would either make payments to own 815 per room or rent per 24hour 64dollars for the hotel rooms itself that is separate from the share or stock certificate of each shareholder is paying into. All excess monies after paying utility bills will be used to provide dividends and further investment elsewhere or on-site. The location is perfect close to minor and major cities plus about 45 minutes from the coast and on 95 yet near GA too! BLAQ ROSE is looking great fore business the economics ties in well after or during the process. Alot of research but well worth it to include payroll and initial start up cost to exterior facelifts. Lots of math behind it this is one of the many options of investments within my portfolio. I don't think greedy and i envision big though everything is small it appears big at first and unreachable then you get the idea packed down. Great spot and not necessary a turn-key operation but definitely worth the bargain and with the investment payment i got calculated this option will be most prized. Always wanted to be a walking business every since that T Rowe Price commercial back in high school. Time to put the suits back on with the cufflinks and get busy well busier! Work in progress.


Nefertum Husia Shayheh
Aug 10, 2013
S Corp:

Slice of the pie chart--275,000 Hotel with 52 rooms plus set of four room apartment for building owners.

100 shareholders each holding a 10K share or stock certificate minus the initial cost 2,750 sums 7250.

7250 is the leftover balance to pay into the share to mature it. 7250/13 months(13 month year) sums 558 monthly as continuous investing deposits into the share reducing the amount to be paid. Though the share will gain profit and with the proper guide to include six sigma tools we can trim fat as waste off the business to increase dividends and bonuses fore all.
If it were 7250/26 months(13 month year) sums 279 monthly as continuous investing deposits into the share reducing the amount to be paid.
If it were 7250/39 months(13 month year) sums 186 monthly as continuous investing deposits into the share reducing the amount to be paid.

(Dividends will come from the revenue of the hotel. Though the hotel i'm twisting it into a place where you are catered to, secured, home fore one to two per room that is lovely and you will fall in love with it. Whether you want to pay as you go 64 bucks per 24hr stay or enjoy a longer stay collectively fore 815 monthly)

Reconstruction: Suited as hotel for hospitality or enclosed community

83,200K of 52 asian claw tubs to replace old standard shower and tub (estimate)
Eco friendly toilets saving cost on water
Hardwood floors black cherry replacing carpet; this brings taste and class plus if heated flooring is available we could lower heating costs
Installing dim lights or going completely solar powered (depending on costs)
Carpeting the walls provides a sense of soundproofing and alternative fore beauty and poshness


Nefertum Husia Shayheh
Aug 10, 2013
Nonprofit Members Benefit allows the enclosed community to become private making an mini economy with access straight off 95 to Charleston which is the capital to me besides here in Columbia which by the way is an hour and half then Orangeburg it is about 45 minutes and less than hour to Hilton Head. Got Bamberg and Savannah too. Anything around the deltas are always good and rich in soils.

Through initial payment and continuously payment we pay fore our peace to secure the property plus investing into our economic means which mainly be property to accommodate our food, water and shelter (add luxury too). Reason to add luxury probably as mobility is just in case emergencies happen right? What can members do is invest their deposits into transportation for employees though everybody is royalty if you get the picture; let the paper think what it think while we pursue who we are no arrogance or power tripping required.

Types of transportation could be jet, ship, eco friendly buses. Reason for Jet is to get to the other places in the world...let's stay after acquiring necessary skillsets through private members who are also the hundred shareholders also to include the enclosed community right? We might want to check out those castles available in Europe to advance further business-wise and community-wise--business and economics. The basics of life is food + water + shelter= basic life; though with a twist of business and economy things get done quicker.

Ship fore cruises going and coming and also imports and exports. Though with enough land we import and export locally with trucks.

This is quick run through as i simulate this and other ideas constantly to make sure i get the kinks out to include a safe measure business wise which will be getting our bank as a nonprofit member benefit. It will be no secret society but folks down to climb heights and keep it moving. If you down then you down simple as that cause it will go once paperwork is initiated and potential investors are getting hot to the ears and toes and just think about it...100 plus people out of 6.3 million statewide is definitely possible and will succeed as long as vote on the better usage to profit and increase security fore the future plus have all wills in order just in case somebody don't make it. The idea is whenever one falls out of formation then shift rank and keep it coming at attention.

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