Black Poetry : Walk in the hood for fame then talk a good game mind play tricks hasn't pulled a fine chick in years, have to get one quick “NAW PLAYER boys hound an


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May 11, 2006
Walk in the hood for fame
then talk a good game
mind play tricks
hasn't pulled a fine chick
in years, have to get one quick
“NAW PLAYER boys hound and utter
want a pound of butter
why? they don't bake cake
they ate it off the plate
make no mistake she's a hot date
facts nice in the club
but never sacrifice love
brushed off her blue skirt
then rushed through the concert
as a student ran after the school bus
it's disaster how the schedule fool us
at school eat chicken a lot
but ready to lick his chops
when he smelt her perfume
his heart just melt kaboom!
This is groovy and wicked
and like them movie tickets
a bit steep
and she's a legit sweet
“LOOK BOO it seem odd
because of your extreme bod
talking been nice
but walking on thin ice
if he don't get sex my whole
world could cave in and fold
up, so lets leave school a bold
conversation await already told
my buddy we study together
OK he's very shook
are you gonna carry her books?
like a dairy you hooked
on milk see my breasts and looked
oh no sucking today
she's ducking what he say
go to starbuck
because him and his car stuck
on caffeine
stay half mean
he make abrupt stops
jest get cups of hot
coffee and softly go
drive through at Starbucks
oh he want some at school
boys see my body stats and drool
oh a Brown Soul Sister go through
a lot here in VIRGINIA BEACH now true
that, oh logic prevail over emotions
and as a female have oceans
of wetness in my panties, must
talk to the teacher really trust
me she knows aw girl lets skip class
oh no if I don't graduate
I face some mad hate
“OK PLAYER WE'LL sit in the car
but no hanky panky thats far
from my mind, I'm wet doe
so lets go,
this is Black Hip Hop
a lot to KROGER its not
a habit, wait I had one friend
that was on a fun trend
went with a boy to his car
guess her wild style is cause
for a really a wild applause
she say he kissed her lips
made her mind reminisce and trip
then he jest got her tongue he's equip
for some she was moving her thing
around, he said aw girl I don't wanna cum
but she knew he's gonna get some
she say he ripped out the backseat
she was so surprised, the facts sweet
like a man in coma he's hard to arouse
he wanted to visit her yard and house
its a warning feature
and like the words from the morning teacher
he awaken her from a daydream
and she stay queen
he thought about pie
that caught her eye
she looked down
after being shook around
and her mini-skirt was up
aw girl she had pie and fact
and boys wanna make eye contact
then try act innocent best they backtrack
feeling active
appealing and attractive
at school hot and deft
some cool books on the top shelf
that she must read,
and red wine is true vapor
read it in the headline of the newspaper
afraid to be around
but it made a sound
when he splash the dash
he had a plot bold
but her coo-chee a pot hole
she say he lost his mind
and jest toss her fine
panties in the air
and jest grabbed her hair
all this kissing had to pause yall
as it cause all the juice to fall
on the backseat and jest skeet all
over the place, oh she couldn't go
anywhere and he had it in there no
way she can leave now juice jest flow
aw girl you got some good stuff right here
he wanted some
she said don't cum
she say she didn't know what to do
she say she was moving her thing all around
then up and down
he was about to lose his mind
oh the backseat gonna have spots
they was listening to whack beat but it was hot


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