Black Poetry : Visions


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Mar 21, 2001
In the beginning was the word
and the word was with JAH
and the word was JAH!

JAH said to the Sons of
the morning: Sons, strike that chord!
And the chord that they struck
was the chord called praise,
the Universe stood still all things amazed-
at the sound of the chord
struck by these sons of grace.
Sons of the morning..Yeah!

JAH inhabits praise-
jump and shout hallelujah!
Praise his name and JAH will sure enough use ya-
There ain't nothing in heaven or on earth
that could-a stop ya!

Here comes the Holy Ghost power- moving,
just like a magnet,
like a magnet,
got to be so good that the spirit
thought: light!
And there was light..
Darkness fled and we now call it night!

I'm telling ya now praise JAH
'cause when ya do everything will
work out right!
Then I saw the four and twenty elders
bow before the throne,
I and I saw Lucifer fall from heaven
like lightening I could have sworn!
I saw the Lamb of JAH hung
upon a tree and saw heaven mourn,
silence filled all space for an hour,
the angels lay down prone-

Then Joshua and the children came up before me
marching around them walls,
while the people of Jericho thought:
what they hope to gain if they stall?
But they put the ark of the covenant
up front, followed by a song called praise.
And on the seventh day on the seventh round the shout went up,
those walls caved and the enemy was dazed!
I'm telling you if you praise JAH your enemies will be razed,
you ain't gonna have reason to be fazed.

Then saw I this fella called Goliath,
sixteen four and full of muscles,
heard him insult the soldiers of the most high God,
challenged them to a scuffle.
But the soldiers were afraid 'cause they'd
heard that Goliath could bend a crowbar like a waffle.
Want you fe know, JAH will take
people deemed insignificant and make them great;
here comes David the shepherd boy
and he topples Goliath's with a stone called faith!
Yeah! Yeah!
That there's the story of how
things could be if you got JAH on
your side and you've got faith!

Then a strange sight stepped into my vision
and for the first time I got really scared;
I saw Satan gloating over the body of this
fella called Lazarus as his eyes lifelessly stared.
I saw his two sister weeping uncontrollably
at the Messiah's feet.
"If you'd only been here," they said,
"we would not be mourning in these here streets."
Then I heard thunder and saw lightening,
and he who they call the resurrection and the life,
called Lazarus forth with a voice sharper
than any two edged knife!
So if you're reading this and
your faith sometimes fails.
Hear me out! Hear me out!
Check a thing or a two,
come with me and I'll show you
JAH JAH can't lie!

How 'bout Shadrac, Meshec and
Caught up in the fire with no place to go.
Then there was Daniel
who was shut up in the lion's den;
set up by the people who he thought
were his friends.
Then there was singing Paul and Silas
who were locked up in that jail,
JAH sent Gabriel and heloosened every nail.

Messiah in Gethsemane drinking up the cup,
Samson 'gainst them Philistines
in case ya'll didn't know he was a dread
and drank no wine.
He tore the heathen up!
And on and on the record goes
no need to tell you blow for blow.
But if you've got the faith of a mustard tree
then you too can believe and be
a Moses at the big red sea.
If you've got the faith that turned
a mustard seed into a tree
then you too can believe and be
a Moses at the big red sea
You too can believe and be
a Moses at the big red sea!
You too can believe and be a Moses
at the big red sea!


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Apr 6, 2001
The giant

And the God of their fathers and fathers fathers
Gave them a cloud of shade for the day
And God gave them a cloud of warmth for the nights
And God moved the see so they could walk through it
And this same God gave them water from a rock
And this same God rained down food from heavens door to the desert floor
But the people they did complain and they said
We have no King
Give us a King
And they picked for themselves a king
A king that stood head and shoulders above everyone else
A giant of a king
A king so big that none other could where his armor
But their came another giant who cursed their king
Who cursed their God
And their king who had slain thousands before was now sore afraid and would not fight
Every day this loud mouth giant cursed their king and cursed their God
Until one man who knew this God for himself thought it robbery to listen to this blasphemy
And with one measure of faith one stone and one God
This one man slew the one Giant that the Giant king would not fight

When God is your king there are no giants

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