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Permanent Black Man
May 16, 2002
Bronzeville USA
Staying Alive

[Publisher is currently seeking submissions for Jan 2015 Edition...]
Visions with Voices
A Spoken Word Poetry and Narrative Quarterly Journal
At Visions with Voices you can listen to the Spoken Word while you read the Written Word of poetry and narratives. The works are read either by the writer or one of our Spoken Word artists.
Our Mission
Since January 2010 We've been true to our mission
Our primary mission in creating Visions with Voices is to promote the Spoken Word as a legitimate genre with standards that differentiate excellent work. We are creating here a venue which will give the artist a sense of accomplishment along with a respectable publishing credit.
[Publisher is currently seeking submissions for Jan 2015 Edition...]
Submission Guidelines
Visions with Voices welcomes submissions by Spoken Word artists and poets. To submit audio or text files please follow the following guidelines.
Submission Types
We accept mp3 and wma for audio submissions. Text submissions should be emailed as part of the body of the email. No attachments will be opened at all. Please use the form below to email your submission.
Recordings ~ no more than 20 minutes
narrative text ~ no more than 6 double spaced pages
Poetry text ~ no more than 50 lines
Page and line limits do not apply to audio submissions. However, file size should not exceed 20 megs (approx. 20 minutes).
We will not make exceptions
You retain the copyright to your own work and agree that by submitting your work here Visions with Voices has one time and archive rights to works accepted for publication at this site.
We accept submissions year round. The following deadlines refer to the date we must receive a submission for it to appear in a particular issue
December 21 - March 20 ~ Spring issue (March 31)
March 21 - June 20 ~ Summer issue (July 1)
June 21 - September 20 ~ Fall issue (October 1)
September 21 - December 20 ~ Winter issue (January 1)
Response Time
Visions with Voices reports on work accepted for publication within two to six weeks.
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