Black Hebrew Israelites : Vice Magazine are scared liars


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Sep 13, 2011
Vice Magazines interviewed the Elder of my congregation and one of the Deacons, Like a typical white media, it slenderous and full of lies, needless to say that it was one of the most childish and amateurish article that I have ever read, but the truth always prevails.
Here is the article the filthy Edomite liar wrote
and here is an excerpt of the actual interview, you judge.


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Aug 27, 2010
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Yes, I see your point. There is a difference between working retail, and security. Also, if that is the picture of the "red eyed Jesus" he was referring to, then he lied again. Because that is the only picture i see facing him and it doesn't have red eyes. One more thing, why didn't he just say the basement? Generally basements back east has all of their services terminating in the basement, just like you have. So why is he trying to make something out of what is normal? I only point this out because he seemed more bent of poking fun, making jokes, and degrade what you stand for, and believe. For example when he was saying how the church got started, he poked fun at that, but fail to realize how the bible is replete with people saying god spoke to them, or some angle appeared before them.

Peace burtha, and it's nice to see you again!!!!!:cool:
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