Verbal or Physical Abuse of Kids in Public


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Feb 9, 2001
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It's sad

but it's true. I went to Chicago one summer, and this woman hauled off and slapped the mess out of this young boy no more than 5 who was her nephew I might add, in a public restaurant. When she lQQked up and saw my lQQk, and the lQQk of all the people in the restaurant, she soon apoligized to the child.

I hate to see parents cursing out children of any age, but if their parents did it to them, How are they suppose to know better? My husband's mother curses, her father curses, and naturally he curses. My husband and I quickly got an understanding when we had children that no cursing was allowed in our house. My parents didn't curse me, and I was going to continue their gr8 teachings in my house. I have never cursed my kids not because I'm Miss Goody Two Shoes, but because God hears and sees all and I want him to see me talking right in front of them and others as well.

If you're grown cursing around other grown folks, do ya thing. Just don't help to poison the minds of our youth by showing them our ugly bad habbits.
We all should watch what we say and what we do.


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Mar 10, 2004
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I really love other people kids not my own. Kids are so beautiful when you do not have to deal with 24 hours a day. LEt give you an example:

I was playing my ex-niece in law in Barbados, Her name is Delana. Delana would polietly pick up something and throw it on the ground and this went on for about 4 hours until I realized I was being played.

At that moment I realized I was not Fraternal nor a Father because the next Idea in my head was to get me some get back, lol.

But seriously, I think kids should be discplined in public if need be.

(I know yall say I am crazy so go ahead and let it out)
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