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Dec 2, 2007
Dogville, USA
Agent Of Change

The second paragraph introduced me to a word I was not, previously, aware of: En-theo-genic ==> the God Within. I am not into Carlos Castenada-esque psychotropic substances to enhance spirituality. But, the word's use to also refer to musical/artistic alternatives is intriguing.

Also intriguing ... certain 13:8 biblical verses about the Prime Efficacy of Love:
  • 1st Corinthians 13:8 "Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they shall cease; Tongues, they shall be stilled; and where there is knowledge, it shall will pass away. "
  • Romans 13:8 "Owe no man nothing, but to love one another. For the one who loves has fulfilled the law."
  • Hebrews 13:8 "Jesus Christ --- the same yesterday, today, and forever."
So much in the bible beyond the infantile perceptions of Christianity.

Everyone is familiar with the appearances of the numbers 12 and 7 in the bible. But, fulfill the 12 with the One to get 13 ... the 7 with the One to get 8. The One completes [JC described it as 'fulfilling' the law] All by connecting the Beginning with the End. Hence, musical octaves are not just 7 notes , Do-Re-Mi-Fa-Sol-La-Te, but also the Do as the One which begins and ends. World without end. Amen ... Jesus Christ ... Love.

Ah, but we live in an age when Love is rejected as foolishness. And Jesus the Christ is mistaken to be the false deity of Christianity.

Still, what is lacking in Christianity's perception of the 12 Gates to the City is one more --- the One who is All. What is this city not made by hands? Heaven? Yes, but so much more than the Lo, here, lo, there of Hellenic Christian myths.

The Temple of Nine Gates, aka as the Temple of 12 Gates, plus One. The God Within --- En-theo-gen.

2 ears + 2 eyes + 2 nostrils + 1 mouth + 1 anus + 1 sexual organ = 9.

Or ...

2 ears + 2 eyes + 2 nostrils + 1 mouth + 2 nipples + 1 navel + 1 anus + 1 sexual organ = 12.

But, 9 or 12, refers only to the body. Thou art not that.

To Know Self, complete the 9/12 with the One who is All, Beginning and End, Amen.


12 gates to the temple of Flesh within which lives, breathes, and has Its being the One, the God Within, the Kingdom of God within, Love.

The entire Universe sings the Song Of God --- As above, So Below.




Shems Nbedjer

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Oct 6, 2012
Brother thanks for posting please share more of your insight.

What level are your vibrating on?

The term "harmonic interval" or "musical interval" refers to the relationship between one frequency (wave) and another, independent of the frequency (time interval) of the wave itself. What are frequencies and how do planets express them? Think of a frequency (or wave) as the exchange of energy between polarities (from one element back to the other element)--how the energy moves. Thus, the old saying. "Are we on the same wave length?" is a question asking if the nature of our energy exchange is harmonious or not (concordant or discordant). Planetary waves, for example, exist between a planet's orbit and the point around which it orbits (orbital period), or between its circumference and its center, just to name two of many planetary waves. We also have the relationship between one wave and another wave: for example, the wave created by the Venusian day and Earthian year; or between the Venus year and Earth year. Wave relationships are harmonic or musical intervals, and there are a variety of musical intervals, that is, wave relationships, all with unique qualities. Some are harmonious and some not so. The more harmony (concordance) the more attraction there is--like between two people--and the more discordance, the more repulsion. Planets and our entire star system of planets compose a variety of musical chords (combinations of frequencies and their harmonic intervals) all continually changing as the ever-changing dance of the planets compose a majestic symphonic expression--the Music of the Spheres.

Planets, as do people, have their own "vibrational signature." This signature is a unique blend of waves that are self contained--for example a wave created by the circumference of a planet and its center. Another slang saying is one about "the vibe" that a person is giving off. This refers to the self contained vibrational expression of a person.

Another type of wave is that created by the relationship (harmonic interval) between a self contained vibrational system and another--two vibes interacting. In this case, we have an oscillation occurring between to vibrating elements, like between a planet and its orbit about the sun. Thus an oscillation is also a wave, as is a vibration of one single element, Vibrations can also be composed of a group of oscillations-- the collective vibe given off by a group of interactions. Thus, a person exhibits a vibe that is composed of a variety of inner oscillations (some harmonious, some not so) between the vibrating atoms and molecules within, those that are directed by the thoughts and feelings the person has. A planet exhibits a vibration that is composed of a variety of oscillations found within itself--including the vibrational signature of the collective consciousness created by the interacting (oscillations) relationships (the musical intervals) of the collective populace.

When enough of us, as individuals, express in the relationship of unconditional love, then we, as a planet, will express the resonance of unconditional love, and then we will graduate from the bounds of discord, quarantined and separate from the universe around us, and graduate into the majesty of extraterrestrial awareness--into the awareness of cosmic-God-consciousness.

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