Black Poetry : ...utopia...(1st post)


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Aug 30, 2002
tree, tree, tractor, tree, cow
hello all! i'd like to say that i have read some very talented writing here! i haven't responded yet but fully intend to!!


perception the evil twin of knowledge perfectly acceptable in a blind eye like Aesop read topically it's deficient...between the rhetoric and my tangents lies a the Bible the greatest story ever told? ...or On Walton's Mountain?...some of us won't get either cause of what was done...chittlins and pork fried rice hand in hand is what we claim we're hopin for...the lines of our face bends when it's delivered to our door...

a sip of Courvoisier or Soco diminishes impressions increases dissention lotus flower with imperfections carefully pruned from conception...


“The law of the wise is the fountain of life” ~ i read this somewhere vestige of a dying man...some believe in the big plan, the big bang theory or Christ's leanings...we're all bearing a cross of scars i grow weary of debate over the're my fellow man when it suits you and i guess you're the same to me sometimes too…zirconia smiles spread for miles replaceable tiles on the ground we walk upon...the words you think effect me like xenon...but perhaps i merely misunderstood...

eye conversation with a stranger brings about chain-gang thinkin bored man blinkin lost failed reachin face value teachin poor man speakin


i've hit the ceiling...

criticism welcome!!


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Mar 21, 2001
welcome welcome welcome!!!

hey LiLi as i welcome u from da sky
as u flow a poetic show welcome
within upon destee's playground
with family & friendz ......
:D :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave: :star:
stay and roam around share a few smile
as i stay in flyte above whispering words of love
welcome friend wit dis tyght flow....


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Jan 28, 2001
the near north
THEN teach me, weather DESTINY...and see what you see. BEHOLD. life is a continuous succession of what should be...when we look into the eye of the stranger...versely conversing in utopian rhyme seems appropriate that we smile the mind's eye smile of the wild and wicket...coz, in the deep, dark, thicket of things to come...there are those who would be KING and QUEEN...and SOME...who wouldn't.

WELCOME to the land of the free {spirit}.

WELCOME to DESTEE'S playground.
THANKS for joining the playground crew...YES, YOU.:)



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Apr 20, 2001
Atlanta (hometown Detroit)
This circumstance is a blessing
your intelligence manifesting
a higher level, in these words, revel
in perception and awareness
make connections as you share this
glad to see this new creation
and a new face with a bright smile
welcome! sit back and stay awhile...



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Sep 8, 2002
Nu Joisey
i have neither flowery word nor lengthy praise
only simple adoration for the one who can see with the minds eyes and speak with the hearts tongue.
as u traverse here in the land of the free and uninhibited
may ur presence be continuous and constant and a blessing
welcome and take a load off!:0
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Thanks for the Blessing! Love You! :kiss:
Making sure I do more than I did yesterday. Progress is the Concept.
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Welcome Back Sister!!
Love and Blessings!!
Hey Sister Destee just logged in to say Love you and miss you much! Hope you are well.