US Soldiers in Iraq Celebrate Black History Month


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Oct 25, 2005
War is a brutal thing. The thoughts of killings and your own life being in jeopardy at all times takes a toll on the mind and body. What to do? Ask these soldiers what they did.

Specialist Regina Monique Crump, Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 101st CAB recites a poem from Maya Angelou, one of her favorite black poets.

Soldiers Celebrate National Black History Month in Iraq

Blackanthem Military News, TIKRIT, Iraq, February 21, 2006 13:08

National Black History Month does not stop at our nation’s border -- the celebration flows all the way to Iraq.

During this year’s observance of Black History Month, the 96th Aviation Support Battalion, 101st Combat Aviation Brigade, 101st Airborne Division, Forward Operating Base Speicher, Iraq, held a celebration commemorating the accomplishments and contributions of African-Americans. The theme for this event was "A Time of Change."

"Awareness and information are the keys to bringing black history month to just history month," said Spc. Regina Monique Crump, Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 101st CAB.

Crump added that she would like to see all cultures brought to a point where everyone can get along and can do things in harmony.

This event used different ways to try to inform the masses. There was a speech, skit, songs, slide presentation, Spiritual dance and a poem.

"As I read different poems from different black poets, I felt that (poet) Maya Angelou had special meaning to me," Crump said. "I had seen her perform her poems and that allowed me to imitate [her]."

Captain Tia Benning, Company C, 96th ASB, felt there were several cultural attributes shining through in the Soldiers’ performances.

"You saw a lot of attitude, a lot of color, and a lot of things you don’t see on a day-to-day basis," Benning said. "When you start to learn about [culture] you start to appreciate it. If you don’t know it you won’t understand it."

There are several heritage months throughout the year such as African American, American Indian, Asian-Pacific American and Hispanic-Latino American. Benning feels if everyone celebrates all cultures year-round, there will be fewer barriers between them.

"If you bring everyone together, open up the service and encourage different cultures to share the event, it will bring more of an understanding," Benning said. "Sharing the event would seem as if the country was coming together and embracing the melting pot -- which it is."

"It doesn’t matter what race, color or creed you are ..." Crump said, "it’s about coming together; it’s about giving and helping one another,"

By Spc Waine D. Haley
133rd Mobile Public Affairs Detachment

Captain Tia Benning, Company C, 96th ASB, 101st Airborne Division, performs a Spiritual dance as part of the event observing Black History month.

Bringing awareness and informing the public is why Captain Tia Benning, Company C, 96th ASB, 101st Airborne Division, performs in today’s event.

Wow a captain using Black History Month to give some inspiration to homesick soldiers. I dont see President Bush complaining about that.


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Jan 22, 2004
If black people really want to acknowledge our forefather's efforts, we need to keep our butts out of America's wars. It's a contradiction to fight a war in this country's name, then celebrate black history month at the same time.


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Oct 8, 2005
How is it a contradiction to celebrate Black History Month while in the military?

Do we not have forefathers who fought in each of America's wars?

How does keeping all black folk out of the military acknowledge our forefather's efforts?


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Mar 21, 2001
it was a beautiful thing to see , but we need to come home from
the fight of Bush.........


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Oct 8, 2005
$$RICH$$ said:
it was a beautiful thing to see , but we need to come home from
the fight of Bush.........

I agree with this. I have a nephew 20 yrs old that is considering the military and I strongly encouraged him to NOT go down that road.

However, if he elects to serve, I'm not going to stop supporting him, and it would be even better if he happens to be in a unit where other black people are concerned about black people's issues.

Having black warriors trained in the belly of the beast is not all negative. In fact if none of us were in the military AT ALL it would be a MUCH more dangerous situation for black folk in this country.

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