Black Poetry : Unto thy people


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
For all my people
great leaders who died
can't count the times
how i cried, can't explain
the deep sorrow and pain
from da passing of great
names , none was every
da same
it's been different years
for many different peers
mix feelings and sad tears
leaders who stood without
fear speaking a vow to care
u know i miss the all so true
and fantasize the single touch
the list go on and on
with a simple fact , none will
ever come back
so i fall to my knees in a deep
prayer plea as i respect that
they be in a land where no
deep stress or demands
of freedom fighters or power
struggle coz it's left here upon
dis place we face but let it be
peace and grace fill wit holiness
hand and hand i see women and men
walking , talking in dis beautiful land
of love from above call HEAVEN
so unto my people
let's not forget , why and what
and the truth of it don't forget
the stolen souls , the beating
jailing , killing took place to get
us this far in da race for freedom
and struggless hope , I dread not
weep but be my brutha keeper
a sista protector and child guide
for GOD i know is on my side
unto my people , ancestors pray
that soon one day they say
peace and rest from the people
that pass da test and confess
da worth of our peers u can see
each face inside every tear fall
and hear the secret call upon
earth at each and every black birth
that this will be the one the next learder
to carry on
so stand my people
on demand hold the next if u can
teach ya worth and spread the news
coz a new day coming for freedom
to choose
hold unity and unite stop the inner
fight take grasp from my tears
of 400 plus sad bad years into
slavery & pain the sorrow and death
of great leaders in our heart we kept
let us people line up in three's
to defeat de-press-ion & proverity
in dis call land of da free of A-meri-kan
let us people now make that stand
women, children & man
unto thy people i cry
i promise to not lay down and die
but fight with wisdom and knowledge
swing a blow from heart
drop da bomb of love
and take on any bad curve
i promise to stand in da tide
for the high hope of mother African
hear her whispering winds
the tears drop at her feet
that we rise to a strong defeat
of the unjustice of man
free da mindz , unjail the souls
do it wit faith and truth so it be told
unto thy people !
unto thy people !
unite in unity
save every community
sistas & bruthas
unite in unity
be the leaders unto thy people
unite people
stand , will u stand
for the people of the people to the people
we are the people of African da Africa motherland
Black rise to da sunny suprise of love and bonding
unto thy people.
:playball: batter up !


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
Thankz Angel indeed we must now make our strong stand with
unity and wisdom to fight back and take our true place get our
crown back!

thankz purplemoons tru dat hear the call and stand wit power to unite
and feed the knowledge unto thy people
Black Powerrrrr!!!!!!

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