Black People : Unless there is Black unity in the Motherland , Africa may become the nw Military theater


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Nov 18, 2016
When the various industrial powers, make the electric car the new in thing, the petroleum of the Middle East and Caspian Sea , will lose half to 2/3 its value, and the new resource to war over will be the Coltan and Lithium , in the Congo and other central African nations , for the production of car batteries
Trump is already working on Somalia and now China , is creating bases in Africa as well as AFRICOM! It is no conspiracy theory, that the same oligarchs profited from WW2 , like Vaneveer Bush who sold weapons to both sides! As China holds massive US and EU debt, seems as though they are playing the same game in Africa...ONLY if we do not wake up!


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Jun 14, 2018

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