Black People : Unjust Ptejudice, Racism, Black Nationalism, Pan Afrikanism!!!

Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
Unjust Prejudice, Racism, And Black Nationalism Pan Afrikanism!!!

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

If you are Black And Beautifully Proud then why are you afraid of defending that which you make claim to be, when I indicated to you that the question I ask, where is the Black Afrikan Nationalist Pan Afrikans that question is not to be taken as a rhetorical question, I mean for the question to be taken personally by all Black and beautifully proud Afrikans living in the Diaspora America, not by choice, living everywhere else out of Afrika for whatever your reason is, and/or living in Afrika with the status of Black Afrikans as is today in this evil racist world control by filthy wealthy oligarchs who has no common decency or respect for Afrika and Black Afrikan people, which is why Afrika Soverighty and Black Afrikans Right to Freedom, Justice, and Independence is not in relationship respectfully with Black Afrikan people.

Yes, that is right, Freedom, Justice, And Independence have no common bond relationship with Afrika and Black Afrikan people and there are forces in this evil world that are responsible for the present-day status of Afrika and Black Afrikan people and I have a Divine right to ask the question out of my love and respect for Afrika and Black Afrikan people, where, in the hell is the Black Afrikan Nationalist Pan Afrikans, and based on the condition of Afrika and Black Afrikan people they are nowhere to be founded.

So, it is natural for me to ask, are you no more or where are you hiding, when all of the work needed to be done to reclaim Afrika for the Black Afrikans and reorganized Black Afrikans needing to to become a Unified Black Afrikan Nation again and to have America and her surrogates to pay for the crime Chattel Slavery they committed against our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors because not until those evil deeds are corrected, there will be no solution to racism, prejudice in America and the world, no United States Of Afrika Government to Govern Black Afrikans which will assure Black Afrikan World that there will be no more criminal assassination of the like of that committed against our brother Quadaffi, George Floyd and all of the Sisters and Brothers been murdered by America Criminal Justice Representatives and racism systemic corporate behavior against Black Afrikan people and yet there is no motion to be found to be on the rise for the purpose of Defending Afrika and protecting Black Afrikan people and to collect the Reparation/Repatriation that has been already earned by our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors, which make all of Black Afrikans complaints against America and her surrogates in committing crime against Afrika and Black Afrikan people to be Divinely justified.

So you **** right I have the question I now ask to be answered, which is, Where in the hell is the Black Afrikan Nationalist Garvey style, many of you still portray behind closed doors to be descendants of Garvey spirit but there is no evidence of Garvey coming from your hiding behind closed doors, and do not come before Black Afrikans profiling all of that religious bull-**** about a change is coming to Afrika and Black Afrikan people, you just wait and see, and I am here to put a stop to the exploiting our Afrikan Ancestors and a God of Black Afrikan Dimension that you do not innerstand.

Therefore, that God is no different than the God of that Devilish, Satanic, Luciferian Human Being, which make all of the phony *** Black so call nationalist Pan Afrikans to be no more than an enemy of Afrika and Black Afrikan people and I have the present condition of Afrika and Black Afrikan people to be the evidence to verify my frustration with so call Black Nationalist Pan Afrikans, which have me asking the question in the wake of what is happening in the world today in superficial protest using George Floyd death as a means to excite the world using false narrative concerning Justice when there is no justice to be had for Black Afrikans, be you in or out of Afrika, Divine Justice must come from the action of a Unified Black Afrikan people in pursuit of our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors Reparation/Repatriation which is not yet present in or out of America, beloved!!!

Again and I can not overemphasize the fact that everybody making claim to be about Reparation and leave off Repatriation, such is the more reason for the need of the rising of Black Nationalism Pan Africanism because you have ******* as defined by white folks out to steal our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation/Repatriation Now, which represents Freedom, Justice, And Independence to be for the Black Afrikans to be in Afrika, beloved.

Before August Protest March by the integrationist Racist Prejudice Democrats so call march on Washington, you and I should have had a meeting together, there is where the battle for the Mind of Black Afrikans should begin, there is where the rising of the issue Reparation/Repatriation Now must begin our stand in confronting the negro Americans, enemies of Afrika and Black Afrikan Freedom, we must raise the gauntlet of Afrika and our Enslaved Ancestors Freedom and dare the world to attempt to overshadow such a Black Afrikan symbol of our Freedom to be in Afrika!!!

You believe I am just talking, well that is where your mind is because my Divine Mind do not engage in such frivolity beloved.

I can care less than a **** about what you believe (Demon Word ) about me, it is the Divine Truth that need not your rebuke by pretending to be Black Nationalist in pursuit of Reparation not making it plain whose Reparation it is and ignoring the full dress of Reparation which must be wearing Repatriation back to Afrika with our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors Spirit within us which gives to the Descendants of our Enslaved Ancestors the Divine right to become the next established State to be in Afrika with a mission to have Afrika to be for the Black Afrikans and to become a government member of a United States Of Afrika Government together being a Unified Black Afrikan Nation again, with Afrika belonging to the Black Afrikan World Nation, that is the meaning and purpose of our Enslaved Afrikan Reparation, hell, Reparation Repatriation do not belong to Afrikan American Patriots!!!

Now, if that is not your goal, then you wear not the Black Nationalist Pan Afrikan Spirit Of The Honorable Marcus Garvey beloved, and without Garvey Spirit make you be no more than a common enemy of Afrika and Black Afrikan people, no matter whether or not you are wearing the Code that represents our Divinity, our Divine Universal Infinite Dark Pigment in the flesh and the Mind of Black Divine Universal Black Cosmic Beings.

Hey!!! Black Afrikan Woman and Man!

It Is Pass Time That We Become A Unified Black Nationalist Pan Afrikan Nation Fighting To Demand By Collecting Our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors Reparation/Repatriation, now that is what Black Folks need to be protesting against America withholding our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation/Repatriation Now, beloved!!!

So, be not deceived, for whatsoever you Sow you are going to be identified to be beloved.

Divine Respect

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