Black People : UFO Hypotheses - Peggy Kane (aka)(Arizona Wilder)Volume Two (13 of 24) Shape Shifting

Goddess Auset333

Feb 9, 2007
UFO Hypotheses - Peggy Kane (aka)(Arizona Wilder)Volume Two (13 of 24) Shape Shifting Reptilian

What is in that blood or these reptilian is more powerful and they need that, and when you start mixing it with the people that were ingenious to this earth, then it is not as powerful.

It has nothing to do with someone skin color or nationalities, it has to do with keeping their bloodline pure for their use.

Blond hair and blue eye people are the purest form the reptilian point of view. They must keep that blood line pure.

Catholic is full of reptilians
No one gets into that position world power without that reptilian energy.
Pope Benedict
Bush Senior...and then some

Peggy Kane talked to Bush Senior : She said Bush Senior is overwhelmed with the reptilian energy. Peggy Kane: Fund raiser after Katrina, on Larry King Live, she talked to Bush Senior. Bush senior talked about how they set up the hurricane and Directed the Hurricane to the poor black area in New Orleans.

Peggy Kane: Barbara Bush said, to Bush Senior, you won’t care because they are black, all you care about is the meat.

Next person on video: Collier: Look around at what is happening to us. The indications are every where. Have to fire everybody in was dc and does nothing. Apathy has to end or the way we live is going to live.

Is Tiger woods wife a natural blond and do she have blue eyes?,22606,21971430-912,00


May 23, 2007
i think this is another case of smoke n mirrors, mixing truths with falsehoods. i cant get with the shape shifting thing.

did they send the hurricane? probably, because they do have weather modifications capabilities

tiger woods wife is a ugly cave beast

Goddess Auset333

Feb 9, 2007
Beloved, live long enough and you shall see if you do not see it now. If you work you have them there. If you are in school, you have them there. if you are anywhere in the world Largest Cemetery/Grave Yard/Mental Institution (america), they are all around us, and they are growing, as we become slowing in our knowing of them.

Do you Astral travel?

Let me give you a gooooooooooooooood example of how Shift Shaping works/looks.

Have you ever seen a person who is an alcoholic? Did you see them before they took a drink of four? During the drinking they are shift shaping, as with any mind alteration substances. Have you see some alcoholics when they, one minute humble, next minute looking like a rottwieler/bulldog approach and words. Their whole face/aura changes, and if you look real close you can see their eyebrows change into little horns. Then when they are sober, they come back down to a humble state of being until the next drink or four.

If you have seen such a person in this state you have seen a reptilian shape shifting person. Ferocious, mean, evil, snake, vampire, rat, dog...and then some in them all at once.

When we are in our only human being mind-set we are that too.

There is a large group of people on earth that is shape shifters and they are legal to be so.

I could give you countless examples.

Allow you mind to go in to the Abyss of Infinity, and comprehend what you see, in that circle where it is real, (osiris) and then and then you will know and not believe.

:SuN030: :SuN030: :SuN030:

People who do not know Truth and desire not to know Truth and Reality are dangerous people (Auset)

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