Violaters / Violations : UBNaturally - Rule #11 - Respect People's Property - Include Only a Snippet and Link

Jan 22, 2001
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UBNaturally ... you are violating - Rule #11 - Respect People's Property - Include Only a Snippet and Link

Example 1 - Example 2 - Example 3

You have already been warned about violating this rule ... at this link.

Next time ... well ... let's not let it be a next time please.

I'm more interested in your own words, not the words of others, but if we must use their words ... at least respect the words enough to use only a snippet and give us a link to who actually built the web site, put in the work, made the words available to the rest of us ... a snippet and a link only please.

Don't make it so no one has to visit their site, because you have taken all or most of their words and put them here at ... reducing their number of visitors ... because all of their words are here. That's not fair ... a snippet and a link only please.

Remember Family - Rule #12 - When Moderators are Moderating - Stay Out of the Way

Thanks in advance.



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