Black People : U.S. to allow AIDS lawsuit.


Sep 12, 2005
For those who may not know, Dr. Boyd E. Graves has held true that
the HIV/AIDS virus was created in the laboratory, funded by the

U.S. Government all along. And HE has since sought to prove this
not only by HIS 'Flow-Chart,' but through letigation against the U.S.

Can't fight city hall? (or,) It's just all them filthy Afrikans fault that
they got AIDS?

Well. Let's find out.

(I just received this in an e-mail today...)

January 26, 2007

U.S. Government to allow AIDS lawsuit

Earlier today Darlene Christian, the FOIA Director for the National Institutes of Health (“NIH”) informed San Diego lawyer, Boyd Ed Graves, that a ‘right to sue’ letter was on its way. At issue with the United States are the fifteen progress reports of the U.S. Special Virus program.

In a May 15, 2000 letter, Dr. Victoria Cargill, Medical Officer for the NIH’s Office of AIDS Research confirmed the existence of three of the reports in the archives of the National Cancer Institute (“NCI”).

In a subsequent FOIA request, progress reports # 14 and 15 were missing. “These specific progress reports show the end results of the development of HIV/AIDS, including the $550 million dollar (visible) budget for the mostly-secret, fifteen year program”.

“Someone at NCI removed the relevant progress reports, and the people have a right to know who it was, and where those progress reports are now”.

“In the upcoming federal lawsuit, we will also draw a strong nexus of complicity with the NCI “official” who credited the government’s ORIGIN of the AIDS Virus Report as “accurate”. As a direct result of the NCI “official”, the government closed its investigation and would not even allow for a timely response”!

In my personal opinion, the U.S. stealth origin of AIDS is the greatest perpetration in human history. I am certain, as well as others, if we review and investigate, the U.S> Special (AIDS) Virus program (1962 – 1978), through truth and reconciliation, we can solve AIDS. There is a strong basis in U.S laws and facts for the sound and only conclusion: HIV/AIDS is the ‘synthetic biological agent’ funded in the U.S. Congressional Record on June 9, 1969. The budget in progress report #15 shows the 1970 appropriation as requested.

On behalf of the American people, we have a right to know, particularly as it relates to stealth depopulation. Our Constitution provides us this right.

Boyd Ed Graves, J.D.
Zygote Media 785-313-4413

For more info, go to:



Sep 12, 2005
Dr. Boyd Graves is making progress, but you can't tell from here.

HIS lawsuit could change to fate and future of Black People all throught the diaspora, but you just can't see it from here.

But we'll see.


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