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May 7, 2009
I still have an old movie of Tyra Banks when she played being a Life Size Doll, and that is what she means to still today. I mean she is so pretty and yet her spirit it bigger than her beauty. I ran across this youtube of her show on a topic that I'm researching right now in correlation to Black women in my past generation and how they have [as Sister Destee once put it] rushed their little daughters to the sink to 'relax' [perm] their hair, and how they have played apart in conditioning us, the Black world, to be 'White Supremacist' ourselves. In all honesty, I sympathize with Black women of that generation and realize that it had to have been very hard during those times having self-esteem, but at some point there has to be some kind of accountability when it come to their offspring. They [we] are the nurturers, we bring in and shape the Black world, the Black culture, our young sons and our daughters. I mean, some of the stuff they have done to us 60's kids growing up, in my opinion, was down right abusive and soul killing and when it comes to 'a child' there's no excuse. I wouldn't want my children to endure the same kind of 'negative conditioning' that I endured at the hands of my own mother.

One of many circumstances that I endured came out in this show of Tyra Banks. When my first child, my son was about 8 months old, and we took him to a trip to see his paternal grandmom, My husbands mother. Out of the blue, so to speak, while we were all sitting at the kitchen table and she was standing up at the stove, she turned around and said to me, my husband [her own son], "He ain't gonna have hair like Pappa." Pappa is my husband's Dad, my father-in-law and her husband. My husband was startled and sort of caught off guard but, he immediately looked up and said,

"What?" Then he turned around and looked at his mother. But she very confidently said it again, "He ain't gonna have hair like Papa." Then my husband said,

"Momma, so who cares and why should that matter to you? He's dark skinned like you, he's not supposed to have hair like Daddy." Then she shrugged her shoulders, turned around and continued stirring her pot at the stove... nothing was said after that. My husband didn't follow it up. He was quiet, but by and by and year later, after hearing so many other 'undertoned' statement like that from his mother and my mother too and other women in the family, I was like, Man, our culture is severely damaged with Colorism!

My husband, her own son has a tight, TIGHT, Afro! His hair is very, VERY, BLACK, just like it is written in the Songs of Solomon.I mean, SNAP, KRACKLE, POP, when you try to pull a pick or comb through it, But I would think his mother would be happy her little BLACK INDIAN SON has her Nappy hair. Oh but no. As a Black Race, we want to blame White and other people for racism and oppression. Oh but no. We want to blame Indians and others for 'THE COMB TEST'.

Oh, but no.

Anyway, to make a long story alittle shorter, my son, this particular one, that his own Nanna said, he wasn't going to have hair like his Grandfather, the Indian man, didn't while he was growing up. He did have a big huge afro, that he cut up and had a temper tantrum during the summer of his 6th grade and told me to tell his Dad to stop shaving his head because he wanted to grow a fro over the summer.As his hair fell down around him as my husband was shaving his head, I did take his side, and when many of the African American boys started back to 7th grade, they stepped into middle school with that Michael Jackson fro! And those little black girls and other girls had a fit over those fellas. But at some point, like I had beenhearingover and over again when I went to Pow wows on my father-in-laws land, itis not uncommon for Indian people to dramatically change hair texture. My sons hair lost his nap, and he now has 'bone straight hair'! Go figure! It's very, very, black and straight, he keeps it cut close, so if he grew it out, I suppose it might curl alittle. But unlike his own Dad who is in his 50s and has a tight nappy, nappy, afro, that is very, very, Black, one of my sons, hair is just like his Papa, the Indian man. Go figure. Anyway, here is the Tyra Banks show. One is on Black hair and another is on Skin Bleaching that I will also post.

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