Twins - One Male One Female - Same Rules?

Jan 22, 2001
betwixt and between
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UPPIE ... Unfortunately, I have had a "not so pleasant" encounter with you in the past (but many good ones as well) and am now bracing myself for what I know can happen. I understand that "your way" is yours and I'm not trying to take that from you or have you adjust it in any way for me. But on the same hand, understand that I am me and have "my way" too. If "our ways" keep us from being able to "live and interact with" each other, that's our loss.

You're right, I've not seen your point and haven't really tried to because the way you presented that point was rude and obnoxious. So far as I'm concerned, the message got lost in its presentation. UPPIE, this is only my opinion and how I perceived it. Someone else may be able to "feel" all that you are saying and agree wholeheartedly with you. But someone else does not have the responsibility of making sure that everyone who comes here are made to feel welcome, not attacked, their children called names, etc., when they decide to share here.

If you'll do and say these things to me, you will do it to anyone here. While this may be everyday behavior for you and those you live around ... it is not what I'm accustomed to and there's no way you are going to make me feel comfortable about it.

UPPIE ... This forum takes a lot of my time and the last thing I need is to be wondering if one of the Members is going to "be themselves" and offend those who call this home. I just don't have time for it and it is much easier for me to rid myself of the situation so I can focus on other things.

Again, I understand that this is your way of delivering your message (jokes, whatever) and you are entitled to it. I'm simply trying to get you to see that it's not acceptable here.

We can agree that you will consider that not everyone understands and embraces the way you present your messages and you'll try to be cognizant of that ... so you don't offend people unintentionally.



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Mar 21, 2001
O'kay now

i feel a vibe of bad notions
our children is our biggest gift

surely none walk on four legs
big bruthas should protect their sistah/s
now i agree wit some of this yet i respect
what others say but i make da rules in my
house........i have two sons and if i had a gurl
she would not do wht te boyz do i wsn't a dog
nor have i ever treated a lady in a bad way
we just didn't agree on ****......but everybody
have their own rules and how they feel
but to name or call a child a dawg ain't respectful
Kem i feel ya man but dat is a no no:nono: :nono: :nono:
what was said about her son..........

all points r made in ways to understand
this my way and gurls r protected more
then boyz sure i worry bout my boyz coz
things happen to them also i agree we do have to
think about gangs/// drug dealers/// even men liking boyz
but most can target a gurl faster

destee is the boss ya'll do respect what she ask
and please don't step on her feelins......i'm lovin da
points made here on dis WATCH YA SELF!!!

i'll be watching from above closely .......$R:maddd:


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May 24, 2001
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Rich I wanna be frank I don't wanna break none of the" BOSSES " rules but she did encourage me to speak openly in this forum and not respond privately in an email.

I think that you are catering to the Boss! and thats OK! Kem didn't say that it was OK to call her son names what he did say that I so adamently opposed her view and agreed with her daughter, that she was using her position as modoratoring founder to put me in check! (and thats OK too "her page"
she's the boss) She wants to set the tone fine! thats all kem said so I don't see where he's wrong!

Big brother does not have to be a dog to care and watch out for his sister. I was a big brother and never a dog. But I did not have to inhale to know of the detrimental effects of drugs either"
"KEMESTRY: Destee Destee Destee
Its one thing to be a proud parent. Its another to dawg Uppie cause he had the nerve and audacity to agree with your daughter so sternly. You are being over protective. Chill. Nothing that Uppie said deserved those kinda threats geez"

What believed I was bringing to the whole delema was fresh a in your face style, that she didn't take to kindly to. I didn't feel what I said was an insult until she pointed it out. No I wasn't gonna make nice nice comments like the rest of you had done (my reference to all that ya ya in my first post) I wanted mine to be raw, hardcore biting and to the point. The points I stated in my last post( "now shes trying to shackle me")

I don't post here often and to be kicked out would be no great loss I have other places to post. I do enjoy this forum and would like to continue to be associated, I like the feedback. I got off on the wrong foot with the boss (twice!) I think she's overly sensetive (but again thats my opioin)

However understand this! I am a man I don't cowtow to anyone! Your comments to Kem should have been directed to me since I made the remarks by directing them to KEM is umm sucking errr kisssing ahhhhh cowtowing is that how you got to be member of the year? I hope I didn't offend anyone.

Jan 22, 2001
betwixt and between
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UPPIE ... I've obviously not convinced you that this is my forum and it will be administered in the way that I see fit. Long before you began posting, this was established and I'm well into my 2nd year of doing it. I think you were disrespectful and that's all it takes for it to be disrespectful, here. Rather than simply saying, "Okay Destee, it's your place and I'll act accordingly," you've chosen to argue with me (and now my "Member of the Year") regarding your position, definitions, my rules, your intent, blah, blah, blah ...

You've both emailed me and responded here on the forum. For the record, I would have preferred that you kept it on the forum. I have nothing to hide and the same things I'd say via email, I'll say here. In addition, there may be others who can benefit from understanding how things are run here, and by whom.

You won't win this argument.

If I feel you're being disrespectful, disruptive, etc., you will not be able to post here. Period.


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