Twins - One Male One Female - Same Rules?

Jan 22, 2001
betwixt and between
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I have an adult son (22) and a 17 year old daughter. My daughter and I go through heck with my son regarding what she should and should not be able to do. Even though he got to do some of these same things, he feels like she should not be able to ... simply because she's female. So I asked him, what if you had twins, one male and one female ... would you let your son do things that you wouldn't let your daughter do (at age 17). He said yes! :eeek:

Would you make such a difference with your teens simply because one is male and one is female? If so, how do you justify that to your teenage daughter?

Wouldn't that be discrimination?!

Just wondering ...



Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
Kem now i do agree wit ya

coz it's true in our world today so many search for
young tender females yet at the same age a male can
roam freely on da other hand she have as much
rights as he do i only think to limited her play if it's a thing
where i feel she would be in dangered but treat both da
same if she can't go he can't go .....yet i would be more
protected of her then him coz there is some hungry hounds
out their looking for a pray!
kem i strongly agree wit ya big tyme:)


Jul 3, 2001
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Well Destee....

I shudder to say this but I do agree with Kemestry. Being two years younger than my brother and obstinate, I felt that it was only American that I be able to go and do all that he was allowed to do.

I couldn't understand his need to protect me, because in my mind what was good for the goose was good for the gander. Well this gander graduated from the school of hard knocks. One experience I had was during a basketball game. When I was younger it was strictly competition.

As I began to develop (the way girls do) it was a whole new ball game. My brother pointed out to me one night on the way home (after the fight that he started) that the guys were jocking for position to see who would get to guard me next.

One guy did his "hand" check and my brother checked him and it was on. I was a bit niave, but I learned quickly that regardless of how strong or intelligent I am, there are somethings that I just "cannot" do, nor should I even attempt to do. And true to what Keme said that is by design, not an indication of inferiority, just different by design. Granted, as women in today's society, some of us are forced to play dual roles in life. But that is not how it was designed.

My father's analogy was if I can accept that man designs mechanisms with specific purposes that we do not challenge, why is it that we try to manipulate what the Creator "designed" just to suit ourselves. Took me a while, but grasshopper did learn the lesson.

Now, one thing I would suggest is asking your son if he has done or would do the things that he fears happening to baby girl. It might shed some light on his strong reaction. Then again, if it is a single parent house hold he may just feel that it is his responsibility has the "male" to protect his people.


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Aug 17, 2001
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This is killin me

and I'm typin' real slow because it's painful to admit it...but...
I also have to agree with what Kem said....

I have a daughter who is the youngest, and two eldest son has a habit of controlling, or trying to control, what my daughter does, who she talks to, and even what she wears, when she is out with them....

this causes a lot of friction because my daughter is strong-minded and resents my son doing this....but on the other hand, he explained from a males point of view, that he hears how the other guys talk about women and knows how they treat them...he does not want his sister treated like, or talked about in this manner...which is okay by me...but try telling my daughter this..

and I have to say, that no matter how independent women become, how hard they they strive for equality, or how much of a feminist they are....basically it's a mans world....and men play by mens's basic male behaviour to look at a women and size her up...

I also think it is basic male behaviour to be the protector..throughout time it has been mans job to protect the woman or women in his life..I don't think will ever change, not if the man is a decent one's inbuilt...

to your last point Destee...maybe it is discrimation but there will always be a marked difference between male and female, the way they behave and the way the rest of society views that behaviour...for example ( and I am not picking on the guys here)..
a guy can have a different girl every night and can boast about it to his pals...this guy is a stud....a girl can practice the same behaviour, and she's a whore....thats just the way it I would have to say, that, even if you had twins, one male one female, that yes, they would have to play by a different set of rules..


Jan 22, 2001
betwixt and between
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This is interesting, thanks everyone for sharing your thoughts. I'm going to have my daughter read this and hopefully she'll post her views. I can almost imagine what she'll say ... :)


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