Niger : Twin Pyramids found in Niger


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Feb 19, 2001
no it dont - it dont point either way - if a teacher sees two kids work exactly the same at school he dont know who copied off who till hes done some investigatin - right now we have only investigated one kid in detail - we needs to investigate the other one before we know who copied who

1st off, recent evidence now says Kemetian civilization is over 12,000 years old. Some say 14k. That predates anything in the region and the world. The Genome Project says humans came from Kenya ( or there abouts ) up. The Nile delta is a natural place to settle. I doubt if they went thru the east and then stayed



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Jul 14, 2014
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well though humanoid did originate in east africa there is a slight prob - those humanoids seem to get as far as homo habilis - still pretty ape like - then start to get replaced by homo ergaster from the west - homo ergaster bein pretty human lookin - plus those dates for the pyramids are still contentious at the moment and even if accurate would still only be contemporary with the ones in niger

anyways the guy who discovered the niger pyramids - Master Souley Garba - says he used kemet texts to find them - texts which he says say the egyptians originated in that area of Niger - its all in french so im gonna have to do a proper translation before i can post his words - but we at least know the egyptians knew those niger pyramids existed


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Aug 7, 2014
amazin how you always assume people who disagree with any viewpoint you hold havent done any research - also amazin that you believe that anyone who you think believes what one group of whites believe is brainwashed but that your ideas based on another group of whites makes you somehow enlightened

personally i find the ideas of theosophists like j s gordon highly suspect - tell me do you accept his theory of the egyptian civilisation being revealed to the people of africa by 'fallen gods'

plus please tell me how my own theory that kemet derived its ideas from a predatin civilisation closer to the center of africa would be a likely piece of white conditioning
Well you know many tribes claim that there were creatures that came out of the sky and gave them information. Pretty interesting that they all have the same story.


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Jul 9, 2008
Exactly. I truly hoped that our black archeologist would start to focus on west africa and maybe start digging stuff up. Although I do believe that Egypt is alot older than these people lead on.
You happy about a pile of rocks?


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Sep 27, 2005
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Thx for "finally" responding, have missed your serious commentary.

We do know that the ancient land known as Sais/Ta Meri/Tawi/KmT/Egypt were a world power that dominated a vast area of land in the middle east and asia....

How do we know that isn't/wasn't part of Kemet at one time?

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