Black People : TThere Is A Fundamental Difference In Being A Civil Rights Advocate Than Being A Revolutionary Freedom Fighter

Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
There Is A Fundamental Difference In Being A Civil Rights Advocate Than Being A Revolutionary Freedom Fighter!!!

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

Let me state coming right out of the stall of my Divine Mind, the Divine Truth that I share is not in an attempt to sway you, it is to remind you who no longer has your Divine Mind active about what you use to know, beloved.

The body of the Black Afrikans and all of our natural functioning organs have been ill-affected by the indoctrination that we are constantly exposed to, physical and mental by white racist unjust prejudice Luciferian Human Beings.

The Black Body and Mind is very sensitive to the environment it is exposed to because it comes out from an environment of Godly Infinitive, the Limitless Perfect Night, the Environment of Divinity where all action is performing in Harmony, Order and Balance in compliance to its generate law of Oneness, the duality opposites which appear to be Two but in performance Divinely is One, for there is only One Divine Perfect Energy Darkness in present performance.

So, my focus is in reference to the form we now live and I know that Environment serves as an energetic purpose to the way the body Blackness perform and in this solar system on this Spatial Body now referred to as Earth where we now bodily perform in a region now referred to as Afrika, an Energy presence is what causes the stabilizing of the body Blackness and I am not referring to the outer pigmentation of the body but to the body encapsulation by the energy that is the soul performer that gives cause to there being Life Living activity to the Body Blackness Divinely, because Divinity is the Essence of God Energetic Presence.

So, allow me to highlight the subject matter of this body of writing which is, There Is A Fundamental Difference In Being A Civil Rights Advocate Than In Being A Revolutionary Freedom Fighter!!!

Therefore, today, at this particular Time, Black Folks are addicted to white racist cultural civil rights as dictated, and that we are subjected to a prostituted version of America white racist civil rights to be applied to Black Folks living in America, not by choice.

So, as long as we live in America, not by choice, a profane soul is in charge of the manufactured spirit of the Black body performance, it is the soul ( Mind ) that manufacture the body spirit, the soul, it being the Mind and Spirit being the attitudinal Behavior being demonstrated by the Body Blackness assimilated into becoming various pigmented shades from darkness into the various color of light appearance,

As I have shared with Black Afrikan people, I need not prove myself to you, I am well advanced in age and as you know the body no longer have the longevity survival time it once had, my time is limited so my purpose is not that of a privilege seeker in America I have developed to evolve into having a tunnel vision in regard to what needs to be done if Black Afrikans are to receive Freedom, Justice, and Independence again and that is what my goal is as I live today for Afrika and the family of Black Afrikan people to be in Afrika.

Black Afrikans must learn again how to prioritize our need and not want and what Black Afrikan need to know again is the importance of Freedom for with Freedom, there come to be Justice and Independence, which is what Afrika and Black Afrikans are in need of in Afrika,

If you have abandoned your Black Afrikaninity then you have no relationship with me, I am a well mental anchored Garveyite my mind is focused on Afrika and Black Afrikans to be in Afrika because I know that there is to a Divine Black Afrikan Mind which is energy to be used By a Thinking Mind of Black Afrikans that will have Afrika to become again the Greatest Civilization to occupy this Planet Earth again and our adventure will again be exploring the Universe, physical and Ethereal Infinite.

Such as that must be the goal again of the Black Afrikans, Universal Freedom, Freedom In Afrika, Afrika being the center of Black Afrikan Power!!!

What can be more reasonable with the Divine Mind of Black Afrikans in action as the Democrats are busy showing disrespect to the Mind of Black Afrikan people.

Let You Who Have A Mind That Is Divinely Free To Think, Know What Has Been Shared With You Here Today.

To Black Afrikan People, I shared with you long ago that I do not Classify nor categorize white folk in terms of Good and Bad but what I do know is that Trump can be more reasonable with the Divine Minded Black Afrikans in America not by choice than the democrats.

You see, racism prejudice is a curse on white people which cause it to be trouble to Black African people which is why we Black Afrikans in America not by choice need to organize to fight demanding payment of our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation/Repatriation there is no salvation to come to Black Afrikans living outside of Afrika, not as long as our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation/Repatriation is not paid by America to our Enslaved Ancestors so that we can become free to return to Afrika not as beggars not as settlers but as Freedom Fighters.

The predicate of this missive is, Organize, and Black people must organize with one unified mind with a goal of freedom to be the environment in and of Afrika for black Afrikan people.

Divine Respect

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