Black Poetry : Try flow strong and go along with grammar this gift


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Apr 1, 2001
Try flow strong and go along with grammar this gift
Hammer brains like carpenter do nails true tales are swift
gestures in my speech like great politicians on debate missions
like Lebraun James do lay up and stay corrupt with precision
I bling bold, bring a goal for basketball slam-dunks uplift
Pressures seem to reach and shift cats, make them talk stiff
Look flow vibes that flies then provide supplies which
Mean I’m not rich with green, accommodates friends that itch
For money, “so look MADD can I borrow twenty tomorrow
Have plenty to pay you back in a true act of friendship sorrow
Is nothing funny” “yeah but you owe me ten already no deal
You go real deep into dishonesty’ now your full fate revealed “
“Yo MADD if your dome was smart you’ll become a loan shark”
Naw dawg too much frustration, lose hair get abused unfair black marks
Would exist it’ll be a hood risk, have to duck hot buck shots”
Fakes don’t bloom have to make room for progress got plots

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