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Mar 3, 2012

Dates does not harm diabetic patients .. Conditions​
Dates has many benefits and beneficial to human health , where he confirmed consultant cardiologist at King Fahd Hospital for Armed Forces in Jeddah , Dr. Hassan Shamsi Basha that the fruit dates had no effect on high blood sugar , provided that it shall be without overeating.​
Pointed out. Hassan to pass wet is not a cause of diabetes in Saudi Arabia or the Gulf region which is famous for cultivation of palm , pointing out that the change of civilization the region's major role in the spread of diabetes during the past thirty years in addition to the change in lifestyle coupled with overeating food , including snacks that many people rely on them became warning of excessive intake of fatty meals in addition to the lack of movement , according to the newspaper " flag" .​
And he added. Hassan that there are studies published in scientific journals concluded that if taking dates in moderate amounts will not affect negatively diabetics where Dates The index Diabetes average is not high because it is rich in fiber is thus one of the favorite food of diabetics .​
I recommend people with diabetes eat carbohydrates , which constitute 55 % of the total daily diet of carbohydrates are usually absorbed by slow vehicles and thus less high blood sugar should be eating dates substitute for another food and not with a full meal.​
According d . ÍÓÇä that more people need to iron are women in the menstrual age and pregnant women age and maturity injured anemia so prophet peace and blessings be upon him says​
(Who eats 7 pressed dates in the morning, will not be inflected with witchcraft or poisoning that day) [Narrated by Abu Dawood].
Kidney Patients​
so as to determine the amount of dates per day pill or two in order to avoid a severe increase in the proportion of potassium in the blood

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