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Sep 3, 2011
this brings tears to my eyes. my husband watches the news and is into politics i know it may be important to know what is brewing but i cant really stomach it. anywho like i told him i agree with this sister, marching is pointless! i'm going to support treyvon by wasting time marching while all those pigs are probably sitting back with popcorn laughing like look at these fools. that's why they have Martin Luther Kings Day. I don't care what Martin Luther King did F him because if you're being nice to me doing me favors in the day then sleeping with the enemy at night what do I want you or need you for? Martin Luther King Murdered our people, then after they were done using him like a donkey they put him to sleep like the dog he is.

we need to start learning how to live off the land forget their permits and all that. we need survival skills! i don't like the military but black men need to use resources not for whites gain but just for sake of getting the skills, like the spook who sat by the door. no one is training our men to be strong, to fight, to kill. how will we be ready? who is going to lead those that need to be led who are willing to fight and be useful in our fight to reestablish our peoples freedom because WE ARE NOT FREE depending on walgreens and Jhons Hopkins and every other medical facility and food store. we need to exist without our white mother and father who have adopted us. we need to find our real mother and father!

sara suten seti what is your opinion of him I ask to you all. I haven't studied him but i know he appears, and i say appears to be fighting for our freedom and he holds meetings recruiting people but i know he also doesn't work for the white man he says so how is he living? other organizations? if we are not organized then the small fire will be extinguished and more and more oreos will remain. there were revolts before but there was always a counter attack and not enough people or well thought up plan. we have to fight them like they fight us, slick.


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Nov 16, 2011
I gave her a minute of my time and I gave sara-suten-seti even less.

We need to go back to basics. Marcus Garvey wrote:

"You must not mistake lip-service and noise for bravery and service."

Both of these Africans go through twenty-thousand theatrics; jostling, jesting, and joking.

Dr. Clarke had mentioned that some people are 'perpetrating a fraud.' We need to learn discernment and learn it quickly. For instance, I support genuine organizations with footwork. That's enough said.


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May 7, 2011
Freedom and liberty comes from holding both the right as well as the burden of that which is yours (private property).
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