Black Poetry : Trapped


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Jun 15, 2002
MidAmerica Products
trapped in a place with no bars or guards
but I can leave as easily as I can fly away
locked in solitude and bound by my own weakness
I should have never allowed her in my life,
now she has a vice grip on me like a pair of pliers
I try to leave her alone but she keeps calling out to me
always around me, her strong scent finding its way into my nostrils
her loving embrace reaching out to me, gently curling and wafting around the room
I see other men put their mouth on you and get jealous.
I miss our quiet nights alone
I miss you soothing my mind when im stressed
but you're a trap!!!
for those few moments of relief, im paying the price of my life
im stuck in a rut and you are keeping me from climbing out
why do I feel like I need you?
you only comfort me for a couple hours at a time...
you cost too much money...
you're denying me the chance to do something with myself..
and you make me feel I need you.... when I really don’t
I always thought I could just walk away when ready, but it's not that easy
I made you a part of me, we made a bond
you've always been loyal to me, but in your loyalty is deceit...
making me feel good when im really doing bad
always standing by me...even when I do the WRONG thing
giving me strength to kill off my emotions...
keeping hope alive while pushing me further into the tunnel
you lie and give a false sense of reality, but I still crave you..
I NEED to find a replacement, a positive to cancel your negative make me not give a **** about anything....
but is that a good thing?
I thought it was but now im not sure.
you're keeping me from pursuing my dream and that’s all I need to see
I will never stop trying to quit weed now....

Derrick H.


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
man u said it here i know dis all to well
been their , done that , had my sahre of it !
no more
no way
flying free
dis speaks loud and heard.........flow on !


Apr 9, 2003
Midnight Son

I hear your pain and see your struggle. At first I thought you were talking about a woman, but now I see you were not, I don't know if you believe in God, but God can help you break all forms of bondage. Call out to him and he will give you the strength to overcome and win this battle and conquer this restriction on your life.

peace to you


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Jan 14, 2003
The Lone-Star State

You got it licked bro... high on life! Thanks, for a great read.

1poetsought ~

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