Black People : Toward a Comparative Dictionary of Egyptian and African Languages


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Jan 21, 2004
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Coming January (2020). The cover might change. But you get the gist. Been working hard to bring you new, relevant information on African history. So be on the lookout.

The inspiration for this text comes from the work of Yoporeka Somet _Cours d'initiation à la langue égyptienne pharaonique(2007)_. This is a text book for learning how to read hieroglyphs and to study the language of Km.t. And the end of the text, starting on page 175 ("LEXIQUE DE COMPARAISON MORPHOLOGIQUE"), there is an appendix that shares a number of ancient Egyptian lexemes with those of modern Africa. Each set of correspondences come from various books and articles by African scholars who have done some comparative work between the languages cited. All of it is in French and we do not have something equivalent in English. So I decided to take my own comparisons (about 60% of them) and compile them into one text to be further organized in the future for a comparative dictionary (both physical and online). I chose just to do my work because I can better control the data. Because many of the scholars of before (including myself in the early days) overlooked the consonant value of the grapheme <a> and <A>, we have to reevaluate their entire list of comparisons. Also, many of the <w> graphemes are simply the sounds /b/ and /m/ which have undergone lenition due to being in the intervocalic position. So until I do that, I will stick to my own comparisons and then include others after I have personally reconciled their comparative lists.

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