Haiti : TOUSSAINT L’OVERTURE (1743-1803) BLACK REVOLUTIONARY — Liberator of Haiti


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Apr 3, 2008
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This is not complete but if you listen to the words carefully you will hear the over tones of his wish to be a part of the white structure.His education made it necessary. He was educated from an early age in the "thought processes of whites". He even sent his children to France to get better brain washed than he was himself. He even declared himself "President For Life" with the right to choose his replacement. He also wanted to make the people return to the fields under his rule"Like the previous white rulers" had forced the people to do in slavery. There were many faults that were in his nature . He had mixed loyalties that flawed his wisdom. He was a great general and tactician, but he lacked understanding of the freedom that his people wanted. He wanted to be loyal to whites as an equal but could not understand their hate for his black skin. With all of his faults I still see him as a strong black man, who could not see his own weaknesses as many of us have ourselves also. He nor is any man or women is to be put on a pedestal as if they were flawless. Peace


Dec 20, 2004
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i guess i was right on point earlier when i said u sound just like those so called whie scholars when they talk about this brother. then, like a genius u present video evidence to support my claim about u. lol

did u notice how smug the pale face was when he said dessaline's was making sure he didn't kill any americans or british? does that even make sense to you?

how about the one white boy they say escaped because he posed as an american?

i think it's u who need to do some serious research because it doesn't even appear that you've even begun yet if you've been taking the word of the one's you esrlier called touissant's enemy and yours. you do see your own hypocricy here, yes?

btw, how's that t shirt fit?

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