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Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
Too Serious Being Black Gets You Nowhere With Racist Prejudice White Folks And Negroes

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

When being Black Afrikan and is serious about the dislike of your Living condition and has established Divine Principles to restrict your Living ways to be in compliance to the Divine Law of the Universe, Infinite Space-Time Motion without ending, you by the directness of your Divine ability to See you leave no room for compromise when Freedom is what you need Living to be.

I live to have only one agenda with Life, Living Free or Die in an effort to be so because to live without Freedom being your environment of living, you have no control over the way you live and living Life is not forever, a moment in time with you and the devil, the Divine Essence, God is the Divine Essence of Time forever, taking no sides in your living endeavors.

Black with a loss of your Divinity you are now, doing nothing to reclaim the preciousness of Living Free with Divine Knowledge of What The Divine Essence, God BeTo You And we wrapped in Divine Blackness which verify God to Be.

The way we live today Life is insulted by your living profane ways today, you having no mental moral compass to show you the way to be Joyful without need to say, it's the spirit of your Divine Mind that gives to you almighty strength to demand for you what the Divine Essence God has sent to you, a quality of mind you no longer use, choosing the living ways that have you to continuously be abused is what we Black Folkd do.

The Black Afrikan has been well conditioned to believe and a believing mind make no acquaintance with a serious mind and it is the seriousness that prompt you to be not easily persuaded to do things that serve to the benefit of those who live to do harm to you, body, mind, and spiritual expression, the character of being with no desire to be free..

Living Black not seriously and being treated with abuse oppressivily and freedom is no goal set for you in your mind, that is what cause Black Afrikan who respect not a serious Black Afrikan to be well liked and used by that racist unjust prejudice self-confessed devil, Satan, Luciferian Human Being to be in charge of all non serious minded Black Negroes who live for the day to be accepted as Lucifer equal, that negro is the greatest stumbling block to freedom for the serious Black Afrikan who is without thought of surrender to those Negroes who serve as agents of the racist oligarchs now controlling the sentiments of those negroes who rather Civil Rights assimilation over Freedom.

It is very rare when you can find Black Afrikans to be Self Respectful serious, so serious until the doctrine of religion can't penetrate the Mind being serious about hating the way Black Afrikans Mind has been raped of its energy to value Freedom and a mind absent of Freedom of thought don't apply its ability to Divinely reason in harmony, order, and balance with the Divine Truth factually set in Divine Reality, the sophisticated negro value not the serious Mind of the Black Afrikan whose spirit is well calibrated to give honor and respect to the mind that compromise not, the sacredness of Freedom.

You can't be of any Divine Good to Black Afrikan people and Afrika when you have no mind strong enough to show respect to the Serious mental ability Black Afrika People who speak proudly with Divine Conviction of the Duty and Responsibility Reparation/Repatriation has to our Enslaved Ancestors and to all Black Afrikans and Mother Afrika to see to it that Freedom be the main road making its way through Mother Afrika, land of our Mothers and Fathers to be in Afrika needing not to be Raped by the racist seducers acting without a conscious that condemn for the crime committed against Black Afrikan people who lived and behave with a serious Divine Mind being in charge of the Black Divine Body Nature Designed.

A serious Black Afrikan mind is hard to find its value is beyond pricing and its value is uncompromising freedom and the serious Black Afrikan Mind speaks boldly in support of our Enslaved Ancestors Right to their Reparation/Repatriation, there is no discussion needed to justify our Enslaved Ancestors Right to their Reparation/Repatriation, serious minded Black Afrikans are ready to demand Freedom Justice for our Enslaved Ancestors who lived with a serious Black Divine Mind.

But, such quality of Black Afrikan Mind is hard to come imto possession of, so the Black Afrikan Race and Mother Afrika Suffer for a lack of Serious Black Afrikan mind,a serious Black Mind focus when not enjoying it, Freedom is a verification of Divine reasonable thoughtful Mind which whose seriousness gets no respect from the Black Afrikan Negro!!!
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