Nation of Gods and Earths : Todays supreme mathematics Knowledge Born


Feb 19, 2016
Peace. I came in the name of
Messiah Beloved Allah

with today being the 19th of February todays supreme mathematics is Knowledge + Born = (all being born to) Knowledge Cipher

knowledge is facts, information, and skills acquired by a person through experience or education.

Born is existing as a result of birth.

cipher is 360 degrees of everything we deal with in life.

we have acknowledge the birth of this nation because thats our history. we have acknowledge our own births not only our physical birth but our mental birth that we went through when we came out of mental slavery & into the realization of who we are the fathers & mothers of civilization the gods & earths who have good orderly direction in their lives. we also have to acknowledge every cipher we deal with because because everything we deal with in life has been manifested through our 3rd eye which is our mind.

If you was to break down todays supreme mathematics through the supreme alphabet todays supreme mathematics would represent Allah + Islam = (all being born to) Justice
Allah is the supreme being.
Islam is a lifestyle not a religion our lifestyle is I-God
Justice is displaying just behavior or treatment

Allah who is the original man is Lord & master because there is no mystery god & the original man is the highest form of intelligence on the planet earth who brings forth proper justice because everything god does is suppose to be just, fair, right & exact.

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