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Aug 13, 2012
It is always best to check with your DOCTOR before beginning any exercise or lifestyle change. After all are we talking about just shedding weight or a few pounds or are we speaking of a life style change, one that benefits us for the rest of our lives?

Diets DON'T WORK and are detrimental to your health and well being.

Loosing weight quickly is also NOT good for your health and can cause health issues.

The reason why it is good to check with your Doctor BEFORE and about any changes in diet or exercise is beneficial to your well being. Every BODIES body is different and we all have different NEEDS. It is especially important if you have existing health conditions and are on medications to check with your physician! They can tell you how to start out, what your caloric intake should be etc. and monitor you along the way.

How much water should you drink? Well, that is up to YOU. This one is a misnomer. It depends on what your individual needs are. Many people don't know this but you can actually drink TOO MUCH WATER!! So, going for over 15 glasses a day is not the recommendation unless YOUR doctor says it's necessary. I would pretty much use common sense on this one. We all know that Sodas, energy drinks, exercise drinks, fruit or flavored juices, Koolaide, Southern Iced teas, wines, beer etc are not very good choices because they are high in calories, sugars and sodium. Water is 0 calories, salt or sugar and it helps to replenish what you loose via sweating during exercise. A natural and delicious drink is Green tea, either hot or cold, water, herbal teas and natural mixes. Coffee is good to drink if you drink it black or with almond milk as "creamer" and very little sugar. I believe that moderation is key as we all deserve to live as we loose.

Raw veggies are a great choice in the summer time when people have access to farmers markets or who live in warmer year round climates, there is also juicing, smoothies etc that one can use when choosing to get veggies into their diets. Be careful on juicing as juicing too much and for too long can be harmful to your digestive track.

Fruits are amazing to eat fresh or when they are seasonal. Be careful to check the natural sugars that are in fruit are high and if you eat too much you can actually gain weight instead of loosing it. Also, some fruits have a high glycemic ratio and can be dangerous if you have diabetes type 1 or 2.

Fats are NEEDED in your daily intake! Do NOT cut OUT all fats! Especially if you are a woman and in child bearing years. There is a thing such as healthy fats and unhealthy fats. Doing some research can help you find out which ones you should be eating and how much is according to your daily caloric intake. Olive oil, coconut oil, grape seed oil, almond oil, etc are very good oils to eat and cook with!! Butter is good as it's natural, (margarine is plastic) and as long as it's used in moderation is healthy! Our ancestors ate it and lived a long life, why? Because they MOVED a lot.

Junk foods, fast foods, processed foods, packaged foods, candy, all NOT GOOD. At least not a lot of it.

All of these foods are high in fat, salt and sugar. This is all full of "bad fat" and does not do the body good. If you make a commitment to stop eating these foods for at least 14 days you will find that you no longer crave these foods and your body will feel amazing for it. It takes 14 days to change a habit! Try it out!

Exercise is crucial when trying to either loose weight or maintain a healthy one. Exercise also keeps those endorphins poppin so that you are releasing serotonin which makes us feel good and up beat. Choosing the types of exercises for your body is crucial. Don't follow someone else! Meet with your Doctor, they can look at your medical chart and determine what's good for YOU. Walking, unless challenging for anyone is the best way to exercise, along with swimming, which is easy on the joints. Whatever it is you choose make sure you pay attention to your body during and after your work outs it will tell you whether it's a good exercise for you or not by the way you feel.

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