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Jan 15, 2003
Brooklyn N. Y.
Thy name is, Elohim, Jehovah, Jah , EL, Eloah, Shaddai,Allah,Adon
By Jacqueline Amos

Cry not for thy salvation,
for thy world has lived,
by there own rules, and tribulation.
I the father of all, the creator of thy universe,
thy words of proclamation needs no validation,
from those who I have created,
thy children of satin,
cry not for my protection,
oh how thou lean on me,
with the troubles and tribulation,
cursed the man who lives,
through another mans eyes.

Blinded by the curse of satin,
disobedience to thy rules of proclamations,
innocents no more, as the devil rise within humanity,
stands at thou door step.
In the fires, unity stands no more,
death becomes a challenge to the children of darkness, jealousy , hate, murder, thy killed his brother.

Within the actions of the beast,
hell who claims the souls of men.
Many sea’s cannot embrace love,
oceans cannot wash it away,
oh what a bitter taste,
to look at through another mans eyes.

The opposite of knowledge,
is not listening of tomorrow,
one without loyalty to thy word,
one without promises of tomorrow,
your freedom an mind cannot be separated.

I God hear no more than the heart speaks.

Thy children blind, within the obstacles of there own,
destruction, I thy God, of one thy children,
come not as creations,
but a defile smell of hell.
Wear not the cloth of thy holiness,
when thou live through the eyes of satin,
I the eye of the world,
false prophets shall not enter thy holy grounds.

Cry not for me, cry for the master of your world,
I thy God has no openings in thy house,
for treason of those who cry thy name.

Beware the children of satin,
that thou will close thy eyes,
when thy call, cry not for your lost,
when you have killed my children,
of faith an still the treasures,
which I have ordained,
I turn my head to thee in shame,
I the creator God,
shall not hear the cries of the lost.
The curse of the earth they shall be no peace.

A man with riches ,
have the chance of entering my kingdom,
as a needle threaded with a camel back,
greed the seventh deadly sin,
satin shall not win.

I thy God, shall not turn thy back,
to mans disgrace.
I sit upon the heavens,
as my sons sit before me,
I shall not bless the wicked and the disgrace,
You have slain my sons of thy missions,
they shall return,
cursed be the fourth generation,
your seeds shall find no peace.
I sit upon the heavens,
thy tears flood the earth,
cry not for me. I turned a deaf ear.

Un-controlling inferno ,
longing for connection,
the soul smells of defile death.
I the proclamation of the King an Kingdom.
Oh thy children of the meek an love,
hold on thy shall come,
believe in me and thy rewards,
will be thy paradise upon the earth.

I the eyes of the world,
Satin has no claim ,
of those who follow in my way
. There is no bargaining with satin,
keep your eyes towards the east.
Love thy brother, your heart is judged,
by the quantity of its love.

Copywriter 2002

Dedicated to:
Cry Not For Thee,
I am The Ancestors Daughter
I ware the scars on my back,
and the blood in the palm of my hands:heart:


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Mar 21, 2001
dis was very well posed and written poet!
ya pen has much to say........keep letting it talk

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