Black Poetry : Those who say they are Messiahs are not


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Jul 26, 2001
Those who say they are Messiahs Are NOT
By Andre Austin
It’s a Sham, it’s a sham it’s a Sham
The big head scientist and the head of the Nation that slams
Can’t even slam dunk or bring the truth to the funk
I know you want me in the back of a hearse’s trunk
Been feed falsehood so much the truth taste spoiled and dead
People stop demanding that all his lies be spread
Just because lies have taken its full peak
Doesn’t mean the truth must take a back seat
Your not a Messiah just a tongue breathing out fire
FBI memo predicts a violent Black Messiah,
With some Mau Mau roots and wings to sire
The opposite of a FBI front set up for hire
While Louie, Louie puts up a warning without the alarm
Tells blacks not to own a gun and give up their arms
And get back on the former slave plantation Farms
Please don’t listen to his magical charms
Feeding the lightning bolt wire into their ear
He’s not a messiah he’s neither here or there
Get off the stage, Get off the mic and Get off the Air
Get out of the sight of the light of the Sun
True Messiahs don’t give up the Gun
Rome gave us a Jesus that was not real
The Christ Title grafted to Caesar was the steal
Caesar seized Jerusalem, A Scorpion catapulting Rocks crying Boom
X symbolized the original cross of Christ (Lazarus) and the Tenth Legion of doom
Gloom, Gloom, Gloom, Gloom
And all successive Messiahs kept up with the sword
They kept the Shield and Spear & the word
Others took the truth put it up for the pawn
Got no lights, no switch to turn on
So they wait for the morning Dawn
Fetching quotes from the fictional Brothers of Zion
The truth cut so deep it felt like a nasty cankerous sore
It was so bad he had to go on a fifty something video tour
And I’ll keep the faith and keep my breath
Until they get so tired and want to seek my death
Cuz the truth just keeps on riding high
I’m like Jimmy Hendrix wanting to Rock and kiss the sky
I just walk and talk and its considered a criminal act
Its an actual fact they want to break me, my neck and by back
It’s a sham, It’s a sham, …. its not Islam
Its not a messiah, its an intentional blunder
It can’t take u no higher than 7 feet under
It’s a Sham, it’s a Sham
You know U want to Go and eat a Ham
Just eat it all up from the head to the toe
And you can keep all of those 2 $ dollar hoes
I talk and walk researched truth without another sole
Cuz the FBI has many enemies and righteous Foes

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