Destee's Thoughts Those Who Say Kill (White) People ... or Break Laws ... Look Like Agent Provocateurs


May 1, 2008
to know the truth
my plague is to be vague

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I visited the link, and saw more links.

If you don't mind, would you briefly share your thoughts regarding the link, and this discussion?

I look forward to reading your position on this topic.

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I see that a lot of my brothers and sisters feel as though caucasians are our enemy. I feel that our enemy would be any negative mentality because negativity is the root of violence and destruction. To free the spirit you must first open your mind. When your mind is closed, no light can get in and your spirit is dormant leaving you in a world of dreams (illusions), that fuel misconception. once awakened you can see things for what they really are (reality).


Dec 2, 2007
Dogville, USA
Agent Of Change
what are the mental health effects of having ones anger always repressed?
It is not physically or mentally healthy to repress emotions.

just how are we to over throw the system of white supremacy if we cannot even be angry about it?
we cannot be angry. we cannot hate. what, then, is our motivation?
The One gave you passion _and_ talent for a reason. You do not have to repress your anger. Do like the poets do here. Channel all that rage into your work.

Aim your camera at the wickedness that men do and keep shoving your images at an unbelieving world until NO ONE can deny anymore what is happening by hiding behind a black robe, a badge, or a podium in the Rose Garden.


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Feb 9, 2006
to those who say...

i've been reading this post and while i haven't seen anything as strong as killing what i have seen is the word that helps create such an atmosphere and that word is-HATE,yes we do have the right to love or hate anyone we so chose but i want each of you reading this to stop whatever you're doing and just think for a minute about the EMOTION that's involved with hating someone and what comes out in you when you think of it,now ask yourself this-is there really someone that i truly HATE not just dislike,if your answer is yes then you need not be around those people.
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