Nigeria : Those Nigerian Email Scams - Have you received them too?


Nov 6, 2003
Ha ha ha! I guess you've recieved some of the legendary Nigerian fraud (aka 419) scams. These scams are really the bane of the country because of it's wide practice through out the world. It's stereotyped Nigerians as con-artists and fraudsters. But really it's a reflection of the dire corruption that has totally infected the entire culture of the country. Many people see 419 as a regrettable but acceptable means of acquiring money. This is very big shame.


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Sep 4, 2003
Yeah hehe, I have received quite few of those scams from Nigerians [well they claimed to be Nigerian at any rate], a few from people I took to be white from America [could be wrong though] and some from Europe.

I've also had to fight off a knife weilding West Indian mugger when I was in London on my way back from work while I was in college and in my earlier days [late twenties] I jumped in to help an African American navy sailor fight off a bunch of italian looking guys who, well I don't know what was going on but he turned on me lol, maybe it was in the heat of the moment and didn't realise, and I never saw him again to ask.

I've also been the victim of an attempted pick pocketing while walking along Oxford Street, London, by a young white woman who was around the same age or so as me but she was caught by street cameras, luckily for me.

But yes, those Nigerians who do this [if indeed they are Nigerians, okay lets say they are for arguments sake] should be ashamed of themselves, lying to, and in some cases, begging others under false pretense.

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