Black Poetry : This is news to someone play the blues and come undone need girl to have fun a ton hitting nerds with written words gitting absurd kisses while birds


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May 11, 2006
This is news to someone
play the blues and come undone
girl to have fun a ton
hitting nerds with written words
gitting absurd kisses while birds
fly in the sky I want some pie boo
you told me the facts my goal is to
act don't try hold me back girl I sold
a pack on condoms to some dudes
“NAW PLAYER boys really got attitudes
I'll let you know that my panties are
wet doe and you get to flow in the car
this love affair take its toll you want cake
to hold and this make my soul alert and awake
wanna kiss on the job no risk involved
then go twist my doorknob and mob
me with tongue being sprung no slob
doe, its sunny and lunch time
got a funny punchline
in the mood to tell a joke
and oh well he hope
he can get some pound
cake well her dress is down
“LOOK BOO he's all chocolate
and like a small rocket
ready to take off
because your cake is soft
and that make you boss
on Princess Anne road boo
that's a big load to have to carry
you can be in dress as secretary
get sick fame with a nickname
and rock the mic take a quick aim
at a cutie with booty and a chick came
here at KROGER, LOOK BOO wanna tame
your hormones let me take you home
girl we can be in our own world my dome
spin my car cell phone begin to ring ding dong
got a CHEVY that's quick and carry a heavy stick
under the backseat listen to a whack beat
“NAW PLAYER my panties not up for grabs
gonna need some corrupt vocab
to get this wet dish even UNIBLAB
on JETSONS knows this from the lab
get with boyfriend have some strong talk
its like a long walk guess its wrong to halt
on love, at least thats what they say at the club
OK she's a KOREAN GIRL very fine


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May 11, 2006
Travel in the car on gravel very far
to babble at the bar house roof got tar
paper, hocus pocus got stamina like
an auto focus in a camera got hype
snapshots because he rap hot
have identity scripts that map plots
like enemy ship in the vicinity a girl's
lips get kissed a lot, stuck in the car
just to duck radar then run up in the bar
this affair torn but its airborne like parachutes
a master with crown faster than sound brutes
get had, have bold luck but like an old truck
he's rough around the edge, reality blow up
see a girl and his car has a menu that bright
she jumps in we could ride far into the night
she lives in a boy's arm
and that gives it its charm
girl your thing a legit pink
rather sing sit and think
she got a hot voice
so she's top choice
she's really a bold girl
but her whole world
came crashing down
and he's smashing clowns
go to bed trashing pounds
of love bra strap flashing a town
from the hood with a path to complete

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